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I'm happy to announce that a new trainee has joined the ranks of the X-men, I'd like everyone to welcome Clint Barton to the team.

And that means we need a trainee name for the newest X-man, so lets hear the ideas.


Dec. 12th, 2012 11:47 am
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I'd like to officially welcome our newest trainee, Pinball, to the X-men. 

Welcome to the team.
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I'm going to be an X-Man!

(Well, trainee. And yes, I will scream and maybe even cry like a baby. That is because my powers, not because I'm not awesome.)

New Member

Jun. 19th, 2012 09:47 pm
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Just a notice to let you all know that Korvus has decided to apply tp join the team as our newest trainee and has been accepted.

Welcome to the team Korvus.

He'll need a trainee name so lets hear your suggestions guys.
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Well, it seems that Sooraya isn't the only one in need of a Trainee Name.

I'll be working with you all as well to see how well I can fit in a team setting. I look forward to getting the chance to find a way at making a difference around here and repaying all of your generous hospitality and camraderie.

Just-- try to be nice, okay? ;)
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Hello everyone,

I joined the team last weekend and Yvette reminded me to get over here so I could get named...

Not quite sure how that goes... but here I am...

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I would like to introduce you to the newest X-Man... Penance. :)

Also, I see Dori does not have the trainee name yet. Did we ever have the post asking for suggestions? If not, I will open it with suggesting "Rocky", from that old cartoon with the squirrel and the moose.
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So yay! ...Also, I totally need a good excuse for missing last Friday's raid...
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After a significant amount of serious thought, and various discussion over the past several months...

I have decided to join the X-Men as a trainee.

Thus making your team 100% more Francais and 1000% more fabulous.

Objections may take a number, and start a line forming at the left.

To answer what might be the most obvious questions, yes, I am serious, and yes, I am aware of the irony given my past affiliations.

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I've reviewed everything in the archives, twice. Now, being ready to proceed, I find myself in need of a trainee name- and am told this is how I go about getting one of them.

May I suggest that we keep it as Scion, as I've gotten fairly used to that in my New Mutants stuff. I know that it's going to be something embarrassing, but it doesn't hurt to ask, yeah?
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Hello everyone who is an X-Man and everyone who is an X-Men trainee,

I am going to be an X-Men trainee too I did lots and lots of reading yesterday and today and I am still reading and I talked to Miss Ororo and Doctor Hank gave me a fitness test and they said it is okay if I am a trainee because I want to learn how to help keep people safe when bad people want to hurt them.

I understand about special names for trainees so even though I like being named Catseye if people want to give me a new name that is special for when I am practicing and learning with the X-Men that is okay!

What should my special name be?
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Having received multiple options for what my trainee codename could be, I feel that it is best to put them together and ask for further input from people on the team. Here are the names which have already been suggested; please choose one or offer another option if none of these are to your liking.

Her Highness (or Princess?)
Hey You
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Although, Mr Summers, if there is meant to be some weird hazing ceremony for new trainees that I'm unaware of, please continue. (Don't think I'm not looking at you Marius, with your strange Australian ways. Although, I'd prefer not to be thrown into the lake, if at all possible.)

So hi, I'll be your new trainee for the day. Please be careful to keep your arms and other limbs with you at all times. And try not to be hit by any ambulatory coat racks. (Trainee reading is absolutely facinating, really. Why do they let you people out without a bubble again?)
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What with the events of the last few weeks, certain small niceties have dropped by the wayside. Understandable, but a shame, and I may be heading out of town shortly, but I wanted to rectify the lapse before I did.

We have a number of new trainees to welcome aboard. Marius, Jennie, Kyle, Janet, and Forge will be working with us. I'm sure you'll all make yourselves available to answer any questions they may have, and as training partners when I do get a new rotation drawn up.

For our new trainees - you now have full access to the database, including all of the training material and past missions. I'd suggest reading everything you can get your hands on, for a better understanding of what we do around here. One note, though - it's not kind to mock the follies of your elders. Some of us have heard all too many jokes about quicksand and coatracks and the like.

And on that note... trainee names, anyone?
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We're going to have a Maximoff on the team again. Ororo and I will be planning the necessary training for Pietro, and you can expect to see him added to the Danger Room rotation very soon.

You can try and give him a trainee name, but I'll tell you right here, I doubt it will stick.
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Picked out a trainee name - thanks for the suggestion, Scott.

Just call me Sancho.
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So it looks like I'm an official trainee now. Yeah, I was as surprised by it as you are.

Been reading up on the team files for the last few weeks, and Nate says the next step is a trainee name and you all have to choose it.

So... time for suggestions, I guess.
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... given that they're still almost certainly recovering from last night's celebration, I still figured a preemptive strike on the issue might be... well, funny.

Since they're both now graduates of this fine institution, Terry and Clarice are both now officially X-Men trainees. So let's roll out the red carpet and dub them with appalling nicknames before they wake up and can defend themselves, shall we?
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Also, wow, you guys (or, "we," I guess, now) are busy, to judge by the size of the mission reports directory I get to read now. Should be about a dozen different kinds of interesting.

While I get started on that, though, Mr. Summers tells me I don't get to pick my own trainee codename. Be gentle? And remember that I'm the guy who willingly referred to himself as "Xerox Boy" for several months?

Oh! Also, while I'm thinking about it! Alison, I'm supposed to report to you for fitness training and all that good stuff, so here's me, reporting to you. Whatcha want me to do first, boss?
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Clarice has decided that she'd like to 'give the leather thing a try', in consultation with her father and the Professor. Since she's not of age yet, her training for now's obviously going to be restricted to learning more about what precisely it is that we do, plus stepping up her powers training and getting her into the gym on a more regular basis.

I expect those of you trainees who are in full training will do your best to educate her as to exactly what that would entail once she turns eighteen. And to give her a really appalling trainee name.


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