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So hey, if this email actually went out, I didn't make it back to stop it. Which probably means I didn't make it at all. I just wrote this to make sure each of you knows what an amazing thing it's been, on this team, as your friend.

Paige, take care of Sam for me, please? Sam, take care of yourself.

Bossman, thank you for being there for me, all these years. I wouldn't have been half the person I am without you.

Being the librarian has been some of the best moments of my life, and if someone would keep an eye on Topaz for me, I'd appreciate it. That crazy kid just seems like she'll get into trouble.

And thank you for being an X-Man with me.
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Ok guys, we can't risk an all out war with the brotherhood here, we have people trapped in the basements and we need to get them out. That's the most important thing.
Nightcrawler, I need you to teleport Meltdown, Wallflower, Bevatron and Dust to the basements. You've got to rescue the staff and patients trapped down there.
Polaris, take Roulette, Ping and Cannonball and find the security centre. We can use the communications systems there to co-ordinate if anything happens to our radios, and you can use the security sytsems to see if ther are any other survivors on the island.
The rest of us are going to have to keep the brotherhood busy. They've had a chance to dig in so we're not gonna take them head on. I'm going to take Dominion, Firestar, Catseye, Wolverine Rogue and Blink in the front. While we distract them, Pheonix, Squirrel girl, Wildchild, and Penance, you're going to sneak around and flank them. When we hold their attention you hit their back line and roll them up. The hammer to our anvil.
Good luck out there, remember watch yourselves, and support your teammates and we'll get through this.


Jan. 13th, 2015 11:00 pm
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I just heard from Marius and John that Muir has come under attack from the Brotherhood of Mutants. All X-men I need you to suit up, I'm stepping up security on the mansion. Get everyone who is off the grounds back and we're locking down, no-one goes in or out, this may be a precursor to an attack here. I'm going to take a team out to Muir to deal with the Brotherhood. Our people there are retreating to the sub-basements and we have to go and get them.

This is an all hand alert, all X-men and trainees are to meet me in  the hanger in 5 minutes to receive their assignments.


Dec. 7th, 2014 04:40 pm
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Wade Wilson was shot in town near the comic book store. Molly Hayes is with him - not sure about details beyond that, but they need a team down there to get them out.

Doug Ramsey was also shot earlier today, there's a chance this is related to that. So be careful and don't be too stingy with wearing all the bulletproof things.

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I'm very happy to announce that our very own Sooraya Quadir as graduated from a Trainee to taking up her full blacks as a member of the team. She decided that she'll use the code name of Dust.

So welcome to the X-men Dust.
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I've been thinking more about the attempted terrorist attack in Topeka, Kansas and Arthur Centino's involvement. Some things are not adding up.

I just heard back from a couple of the West Coast Annexers, Tommy Jones and Inez Temple. They said they didn't even have time to get in uniform before Centino came in and took care of the situation...by sheer luck, as it would seem. They saw him trip over the detonator cord to the bomb, keeping it from going off. They said one of the bystanders got video of it with their phone and posted it on Youtube but it was pulled after only about an hour of being up. They tried to look for it on other places afterward but couldn't find it.

Tommy brought this to my attention for a different reason entirely, though. He said that he wound up staying in Topeka longer than he had planned because he wasn't paying attention and wound up accidentally falling down a manhole, getting a concussion and broken arm. The staff made him stay in the hospital for a few days for observation and while there he heard the nurses talking about an influx of so many 2nd and 3rd degree burn injuries that they wound up having to transfer some of them to other hospitals and clinics. None of the people were together. It was all in separate incidents. He thought it was weird enough to let me know.

Something about Evangeline's confusion and memory loss reminded me of the charity dinner from a couple of months back. I noticed something off with Arthur then, his memories being almost...cloudy...but I passed it off. I don't think I should have, especially after all of this. I think we should perhaps look into Arthur and Evangeline Whedon's medical records a little more closely.


Nov. 14th, 2014 04:21 pm
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I just got a alert ping from Garrison's phone. I tracked it to the Canadian Rockies. I have no idea what is going on but I think a team should go in and investigate.


Oct. 24th, 2014 11:28 am
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I am so sorry for leaving the Danger Room in a state. I must have been too tired to remember to hit the auto-clean button as I left.
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What happened to the Danger Room last night? It was fine when we left after team exercises last night but now, it kinda reminds be of a scrapyard. All the robots have been completely eviscerated, it's very impressive in it's own way but also a complete mess.
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Just caught a phone call from that guy that M and Marius' dad (or Marius' mom? IDEK. Who set us up with this guy? Gar, is this like one of your cop buddies? He didn't say, and I forgot to ask, sorry) put us in touch with in the Australian Police? So it turns out that even though there's a woman named Sarah Ryall who lives down that way in Parramatta? She isn't Sarah Ryall who is Anna Taylor who is Scanner, jesus it's like identities like those nesting Russian dolls.

They totally are like arresting her for identity theft I think - he was pretty circumspect about it, because we're flying under the radar here but anyway - she's not Sarah Ryall, she's Nora Wolf, and a year ago she had a totally different nose and cheekbones.

He also said they can't get in touch with the real Sarah Ryall, but found some of her family and they haven't heard from her in almost a year, not since last winter.

I've got it marked for follow-up because this isn't my thing - Gar, sorry I kinda put you on the spot and said you'd give him a call, cause I figured either you know him or can do the professional thing at him and get like, full reports?
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One of my friends in Interpol just came up with an interesting tidbit about those FGH people. They had a number of teens doing internships for them in Ksavia. One of their parents contacted the local police saying that they hadn't heard from their son in over a week. This is all very sketchy and could just be them on a trip or something, but I'm going to keep on this, see where it leads.
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I'm trying to run down the woman we tagged involved in Hope and Laurie's disappearance. She claims to be Anna Taylor, an outreach liaison with the Foundation of Genetic Harmony. Unfortunately for her, we've met before on Avalon. I did some digging and 'Scanner' (her mutant name) is actually Sarah Ryall. I haven't been able to find any ties between the FGH and any of the Brotherhood's traditional shadow corporations. I could be wrong, but at this point, the FGH looks like an independent group, which means Scanner jumped ship on the Brotherhood for them.

I've been pinging RICO and the anti-terrorism units on this FGH, but so far, it seems to be considered mostly legit. No reason to investigate, so we're thin on information. I'll see what I can dig up.


Sep. 21st, 2014 01:00 pm
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It has come to my attention that Laurie Collins and Hope Abbott have failed to return from Michigan, nor have they checked in to inform anyone of their whereabouts. I have been searching for them via Cerebro, but I have been unable to locate them.

From this I can only assume the worst and request you to begin investigations into where they might be.

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Angel you owe me ten bucks.

Yeah, Wallflower and I just rescued Spider-Man (haha fucking laugh, I did.) from some asshat calling himself Radian or Radassman or something.

He's (Radian or whatever, not Spider-Man) chilling his heels in lockup, Gar, you mind checking up on him just to make sure he stays put in jail? He had this whole thing about a guy named Scorpion or something, I think Wallflower recorded it, I was busy trying to get her into a window so she could find a stairwell so we could come in door and window. We made it look like he knocked his own damn self out and called the cops from outside the building and saw them dragging him out in cuffs. It was awesome.

If you missed the report and my last post - Spider-Man ... okay I can't keep calling him that I'm laughing too much - is a fifteen year old kid named Miles and he's so earnest it's fricking adorable, pretty sure he'll be calling in the morning to try to transfer, because he really wants to be a superhero.

There's too many codenames in this, I am so going to drink all the drinks.
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So the kid I popped up a report about a few nights ago - I went and talked to him, and I probably fucked it up, because I was expecting a kid more like me less like.... I dunno, Angel (sorry but he's so earnest!) and I got a kid who no shit believes he's helping and I came on a little too strong. Ima regret saying this but I shoulda maybe had Laurie talk to him, he's at one of the magnet type schools, nerd stats might've done the trick, idek.

Yeah, screwed up thing is he might be helping, but he's fifteen! He's fifteen and kind of a nerd and either him or his buddy was eating sushi box for lunch wtf I never got sushi box for lunch at fifteen! Lorna, I am lodging a formal protest on behalf of fifteen year old Kyle, okay?

Anyway, he's zero threat but I'm pretty sure he's going to get himself in trouble so I've got Cypher over at XF keeping an eye on his internet stuff, in case he does anything really amazing fantastic spectacular dumb.


Aug. 18th, 2014 09:08 am
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Everyone is home from the mission and in more or less one piece. Things didn't go exactly according to plan but we dealt with it.

The medbay is going to be a little full for a while while we deal with everything so if we can keep the students away from there till we manage to get everyone sorted out I'd appreciate it.

A more complete mission report will follow once it's written.

Transcript provided by Dragon Speak Naturally
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Heads up to all staff and team members. On their way home from Italy the girls were kidnapped by the same demons who kidnapped Tandy earlier. Namor picked up while in the city and teleported to Italy.

It appears Tandy was passed by the demon responsible for the chaos in New York. Luckily Amanda was able to drive or the demon and put an end to the situation with the help of SWORD. The kids are at Snow Valley right now and are all safe. I'm headed over there now and Amanda can bring them all back in little while.

I'd like to keep an eye on the kids over the next few days just so we can be sure they're alright after their peak.

Scott Summers
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I'm happy to announce that a new trainee has joined the ranks of the X-men, I'd like everyone to welcome Clint Barton to the team.

And that means we need a trainee name for the newest X-man, so lets hear the ideas.


Dec. 26th, 2013 09:58 pm
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Alert to all X-men at the mansion.

Miss Bowen had an incident in the city today. She is currently safe and is on her way back to the mansion with another young mutant. There is a chance their assailants may follow them so all X-men please remain on standby.

I'll update with more information as I receive it.


They made if back safely and are about to meet with the Professor and myself to explain what happened at the church. Everyone can stand down now. Thanks for stepping up everyone, I'll let you know more when I know more myself.


Sep. 18th, 2013 11:21 am
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The little bird told me that Cheetara has her X-Man tags now. So, Miss Sharon, what will your code name be? ;)

(Congratulations, by the way)


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