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Mission's accomplished, we need to head out now. Moira and Charles will be coming with us. I want the place secured as soon as we're in there. Not sure how much the team there's been able to do. It sounds like it was about as bad as we feared.

Someone stop by the infirmary and give Amelia a heads-up. We might need her to teleport over if anyone besides the kids needs medical attention.
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Everyone, get down here.

We've got a basic plan to retrieve the kids. I say basic, but I mean 'horrifically complicated', for a number of reasons. Not everyone's going in on the first team, but everyone needs to be briefed. You'll understand why when you hear about what the team that does go in will be facing.
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One. There's a third letter. He actually signed it as Rory, this time. Scott, Ororo, I'll bring it up to the house.

Two. I have to go pick up Moira and Rachel at the airport. I would appreciate some company. Preferably company who would at least be comfortable with me beating Campbell or any of his employees to death with the nearest car if I see any of them near my wife and daughter.
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But we've gotten some information about the kids. Letters, specifically, that were sent to Moira, yesterday and today. Taunting her about how the kids are going to be 'broken'.

The letters are signed 'Ahab'. But Nathan swears the handwriting is Rory Campbell's.


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