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im still mostly high on painkillers, but now that im not unconscious all hours of the day i have something important to say. magneto has a new trick. before he ripped my throat out i landed a perfect kidney blow on him. even logan would have needed a minute or two recovery from it. something happened when the blow hit and over the last while with nothing to do but muse and burble through my throat holes i think i figure it out.

magnetos clothes arent clothes. when i hit they stiffened like redirecting the force so it didnt all pass through. reactive. thats the word. i think his clothes are actually metal. maybe so fine or his power is enough that he can control them subconsciously. whatever it was it served as impact armor independent of his own realized thought or command. that means hes even more dangerous.
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Our final prodigal has been recovered - in Sri Lanka, of all places - and appears to be in good health. Wanda and Doug and Amanda picked him up and will be headed back stateside today.

As for me, I am still rather hyped up on adrenalin so I'll be spending some quality time repairing/restoring the Blackbird after I upload my mission report. Running hot for so long has done quite a number on the engines, as did the low-altitude collision in Australia thanks to a teammate who shall not be named.
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muahahaha. i brought my laptop for teh solitare for the planeride. i am a smrt bunny. also <3<3<3 vicodin.

we found him. he's alive. as are 2 cosmonauts and some big ugly scaly bat thing. the red one, not the grey one. the grey bat thing's Marius. don't ask. he's fine too. he ate all of the mre's on the plane, but he was nice and let me have all the candy bars. crazy man escaped. after i hit crazy man with the plane. someone else can explain hitting crazy man with the plane to fearless leader when he wakes up.

it's technically my birthday for the next 2 days. i am very bruised. i demand a large cake.
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Everyone on the backup team, get back to the mansion ASAP. Storm and I have landed to discover that the station broke up in orbit and our team as well as some Brotherhood members have escaped and are making landfall in various locations. The Professor is in Cerebro trying to track them down and Storm is making rescue plans. We have absolutely zero comms contact with our away teams, so right now we're depending on the Professor to be able to locate them.

Update - this means everyone, trainees included. If you have a uniform, get in it and get in here.

All right.

Oct. 27th, 2007 05:45 pm
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Away team (and when I find out who infected me with the Star Trek term this week, there's going to be death), you're off duty for the night. I want you all in the Situation Room for a briefing at 6am tomorrow, but until then, your time's yours. Stay on campus just in case, but try and relax a little, and make sure you get enough sleep.

I'm sealing the Danger Room, too, so don't anyone get any bright ideas about running last-minute training scenarios. I think we're all trained out. We're as ready as we're ever going to be.


Oct. 26th, 2007 09:45 am
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I know the training schedule is thoroughly insane and we're all starting to feel it, but we also do have to make sure that we sleep. Four hours of every twenty-four at least, okay? Caffeine does not make a good substitute.


Oct. 24th, 2007 02:45 pm
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I'm sure you all noticed the helicopter on the lawn. Some of you might have seen Val Cooper emerging from it. She came with some exceptionally bad news.

Succinctly, Magneto is currently orbiting the Earth in a Russian space station, in control of a satellite-based laser weapons system. If the US and Russian governments don't fulfill the first of his demands - releasing all mutants they currently have in custody - in a week, he's going to destroy Washington and Moscow.

Forge, I need you in the Situation Room right now. Everyone else, I need you down here in 30 minutes, once Ororo and I have a basic plan to present.


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