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I've been thinking more about the attempted terrorist attack in Topeka, Kansas and Arthur Centino's involvement. Some things are not adding up.

I just heard back from a couple of the West Coast Annexers, Tommy Jones and Inez Temple. They said they didn't even have time to get in uniform before Centino came in and took care of the situation...by sheer luck, as it would seem. They saw him trip over the detonator cord to the bomb, keeping it from going off. They said one of the bystanders got video of it with their phone and posted it on Youtube but it was pulled after only about an hour of being up. They tried to look for it on other places afterward but couldn't find it.

Tommy brought this to my attention for a different reason entirely, though. He said that he wound up staying in Topeka longer than he had planned because he wasn't paying attention and wound up accidentally falling down a manhole, getting a concussion and broken arm. The staff made him stay in the hospital for a few days for observation and while there he heard the nurses talking about an influx of so many 2nd and 3rd degree burn injuries that they wound up having to transfer some of them to other hospitals and clinics. None of the people were together. It was all in separate incidents. He thought it was weird enough to let me know.

Something about Evangeline's confusion and memory loss reminded me of the charity dinner from a couple of months back. I noticed something off with Arthur then, his memories being almost...cloudy...but I passed it off. I don't think I should have, especially after all of this. I think we should perhaps look into Arthur and Evangeline Whedon's medical records a little more closely.
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While in New York City on a field trip the students were attacked by creatures known as Slendermen (or Slenderman), who prey on the vulnerable and consume their fear.

The children were drawn in to the Slendermen's dimension but one of the students, Madelyne Pryor, was able to escape and alert X-Force, who rescued them and took care of the matter.

Some of you may think this an internet rumor or 'meme' but I can assure you it is no joke. Among the Slenderman's abilities is the power to make people think they don't exist, except for those who they are preying on.

There was some psychic feedback due to the disruption on the astral plane that was felt by some of the higher function telepaths, including Charles, Emma, Betsy, and myself. It was, unfortunately, not enough for us us to notice much more than a migraine, however.

Ms. Pryor was able to telepathically relay to us what had transpired and we believe her, as well as the students and X-Force, who were there in the Slenderman's dimension.

Charles, Haller and I will be on hand to provide proof of the Slenderman's existence by showing these memories and making others aware to overcome the Slenderman's influence. This is mandatory.

Anyone who heard from the students and did not believe their story will be absolved from blame due to the Slenderman's influence.

If there are any questions or concerns please let us know.

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Garrison Kane was secretly brought into the Medlab this morning by X-Force with catastrophic injuries sustained during an investigation but is now in stable condition for the time being. He will require extensive surgery over the next few days but l am confident that with his healing factor he should make a full recovery.

Team and Staff: Please refrain from mentioning Garrison's condition or location until he has made it through surgery. Magic was involved during the course of the investigation and is believed to have caused Garrison's injuries and we want to make sure there are no complications.



Roll Call

May. 20th, 2012 08:05 pm
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For those who are currently not living at the mansion and have not checked in yet please contact the mansion as soon as possible to let us know you're all right. This includes those living at the West Coast Annex and those on inactive duty. Phone call or video link is preferred.

Though the kidnapping appears to have been an isolated incident we want to make sure everyone is okay and this has not spread beyond Friday's Rally.

Dr. Jean Grey
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Good Morning,

Garrison Kane and I will be traveling to Madripoor following a possible lead on who may have instigated the attack on Alpha Flight. I'd like to put together a team to come with us in case any problems should arise.

Angelica Jones
Hank McCoy
Paige Guthrie
Bobby Drake
Yvette Petrovic

If you are available please meet me in the Situation Room in an hour, I will brief you on the situation. We will be leaving later this afternoon.
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We suspect an attack on the group investigating a lead on the M-Squad in Chicago. Efforts to re-establish contact have been so far unsuccessful.

All remaining X-Men be on Red Alert. We will be putting together a rescue team ASAP.

Those on the rescue team expect a separate notification shortly.


Jul. 26th, 2009 11:50 am
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Remarkably simple pick up - aside from an overly active imagination the boy didn't pose any problems. Practically not worth the time to write up a real mission report, but there is one in the system. It's concise. Given the genetic manipulation aspect of his power I think it's best to send him to Muir to get him checked over. Also because I'm not letting any more patients into my medlab. Hear that? Any of you get injured and you can damn well go to St. Jude's in town.
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Charles has a location on Nathan, but not much else - his mind's a wreck and we still haven't found Jean-Paul. Sunfire, M and Emplate, meet me in the hanger five minutes ago, we're going out hot.
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Amelia and I are keeping Nate and Haller down here for the night for concussion watch. Telepaths and head injuries... Ugh. If anyone would like to keep me company, I will be down here all night, waking them every hour and seeing if Nate can reach hitherto unknown levels of cranky.


Sep. 2nd, 2005 07:40 pm
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Haroun is currently stable, although the condition he is stable in is not a good one. But it is not worsening. We're still working on a proper cure, and we can't do much else until we have one because his system simply can't handle it. We'll let you all know when there's more solid information.

One of the pieces of information we do have, though, is that the spore can not survive for very long outside of a host. Which means the 'bird may not need steralization. Scott, you said you sealed the hanger? Someone ought to go in with a hazmat suit to check and make sure, first, but the tests ought to come up green.
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There's been a problem with the mission - the Blackbird is coming in now and there is risk of contagion. I need the corridor from the hanger to the medlab to be kept clear until we get Haroun into Iso, and the Blackbird's hold will need to be steralized before it's safe for anyone to enter. Seriously folks, stay out of the way.


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