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She's going to be down for at least another few days, I'm afraid, and that's with all of the pitching-in people have been doing already. There was just so much damage, and we're waiting on a few parts still. Then add a day or two for adjustments and testflights... I wouldn't want to take her back into the field until we're sure all the patches hold together.
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I went ahead and finished the repairs without you.
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Ok, the wing's been stripped and the X-Rays are all done and as soon as those are developed by the MedLab, replacement parts will be ordered in and pre-assembly will start. We've also set aside what was obviously not re-useable already. Note that I reporteth the general stuff and not the technical details and thingamabobs, since those will be in the official report anyway, so you're saved Scott and Haroun's bird geek babbling.

And now, everyone is going to bed for a nap or three before going back to it. (And the BBQ when that starts this afternoon.)

Your friendly neighorhood blowtorch...

All right.

Aug. 1st, 2005 12:40 am
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I think I've done everything I can short of the actual test flight. Should be doing that tonight but I'm wiped out. I'll catch a few hours of sleep and do it before the sun comes up. Could use someone to run coms for me...?
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I'm making good progress, but we're looking at probably another twenty-four hours before she's ready for a test flight. I'm still doing rewiring. Repairs to the control circuits and attitude/pitch/yaw controllers are coming along... and that was probably more technical detail than most of you really wanted to know. I'm concerned about the autopilot but I'll leave that for last.

Could someone bring me down something to eat? I'm starting to see double, but I know if I leave the hangar and sit down somewhere for more than a minute I'm probably going to crash.
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I'll let those who were actually running the mission file the mission report, obviously, but succinctly put, the Blackbird is needing some fairly significant repairs. Not on the scale of last fall's, but she'll be down for a few days while we fix the damage done by the lightning strike. Not that the jury-rigging wasn't exemplary.

But I think I know what I'll be doing this weekend...
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From: Jetstream
To: All X-Men and Trainees
Subject: Blackbird flight training


It seems that our Fearless Leader has decided that it's time for another exciting round of Learn To Fly The Jet! I'll be teaching the course this time around, as Fearless Leader has decided that he needs to keep a very close eye on Horatio The Roomba-Loving Turtle. So any of you who would like to learn how to fly the jet (trainees, I am looking at _all_ of you) or would simply like a refresher course please let me know by end-of-week.

The more people who can take her up and put her back down again that we have, the more operational flexibility we have in case of injury, vacation, downtime, precognitive chocolate fits, swimming pool inhalation, or brain-sprains.



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