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But I told myself six months ago that we'd do something on the year anniversary. So I thought perhaps I'd take the old girl up and head in the other direction tomorrow. It should be a shorter flight time than it was a year ago; after all, we're not going to have to make the stop in Spain.

So. Who else is up for going back to Youra tomorrow?
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Six months today, since Youra. How did six months go by that quickly?
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The deployment plan is in your inboxes. There will be a final briefing at 1700 tomorrow in the Situation Room.

Everyone should be in the hangar by 0430 Saturday morning.
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There's a new report in from Morgan. All team members are to read it in depth ASAP.

Note to trainees: Due to the nature of some of the information in that report, the files are locked to active team members only and it is normal that you don't have access. The files will be unlocked later as events allow.
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I just got back from the airport. I think we accomplished as much as we could these last couple of days; I'm just finishing my report now and I'll put it in the database before I go crash. I know Alison's writing one too, and the information from the latest update from the taskforce is in there too. Charles passed it along in Maddie's stead. I can't believe the government's actually managing to freeze Mistra's finances. It's like Al Capone all over again. We're going to get them for tax evasion or something in the end, I just know it...
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We'll be having some company over the next couple of days. I'm heading out in a few hours to pick up Mick and Anika at the airport; Tim will be here with MacInnis sometime tomorrow. Mick and Ani are going to be heading back to Spain with them. After we've discussed it.

We're obviously going to be keeping an eye on MacInnis. He won't be wandering anywhere unescorted, not to worry...


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