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Someone want to tell me how the HELL Nate's relatives keep showing up at the most INOPPORTUNE times, and how they can wave a little so-called EMP generator around and make Nate cry like a little girl?

I am really, really, REALLY beginning to lose patience with these two. Just give me the word, people, and Saul and Gideon and the whole _nest_ will be out of sanction so fast their heads will spin.

On the other hand, we do now have evidence that there may be some dissention in the Clan Morrow ranks. Might even be exploitable, but I'll leave that to the people who specialize in psi-ops.

Me? I just want to go blow something up.


Attached Note: ~Incident Report NYC1-17-2006~
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I think we need to have an all-hands meeting.

At Harry's.

I'll even buy the first round.

Things have been tough lately. We've lost those we cared about, we've suffered injuries, we've taken some hits.

But we have things to celebrate, things to look forward to in the New Year. A marriage to celebrate. (you sly dogs!) And let's face it, we could all really use a chance to just kick back, relax, and spend an evening with the people who I have come to regard as brothers and sisters-in-arms.

So whaddya say?

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Faceplanting into a wall at half-burn hurts.

A lot.

A whole lot.

I'm lucky I can _see_ right now. My whole head is a giant bruise.

Off to the dentist to get teeth repaired. I have discovered that swallowing a tooth sucks. Especially right after one has faceplanted into a wall.

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Team Mambers: Dazzler (co), Jetstream (xo), Juggernaut, Scarlet Witch, Cable

Objective: Neutralize attempted jewellery theft with zero civilian casualites or disturbance

Status: Qualified Success

Summary: Touched down outside of Minneapolis-St Paul. Rdv with local authorities, split into three teams to cover the two entrances into the memoribilia museum. Dazzler and Juggernaut were Team Alpha, Jetstream and the Scarlet Witch were Team Bravo. Cable remained as Team Charlie to handle comms and to guard the Blackbird. Alpha made contact with Ricochet at 17:02, Bravo made contact approx five minutes later. Attempts to verbally subdue Ricochet failed, and the conflict soon escalated to violence.

Riccochet used some sort of probability-manipulating power to cause Jetstream to lose his footing, and when the Scarlet Witch stepped up to subdue, Ricochet and the Scarlet Witch's powers interacted in nonlinear ways. After the confusion settled, Ricochet was taken into custody and remanded to the FBI to stand trial.

Attached: JetstreamMissionLog.

End Report

Personal Note: I never, ever, EVER want to be standing next to Wanda when her power interacts in "nonlinear ways" with people. I'm going to go try to get my voice back before I turn thirty.
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From: Jetstream
To: All X-Men and Trainees
Subject: Blackbird flight training


It seems that our Fearless Leader has decided that it's time for another exciting round of Learn To Fly The Jet! I'll be teaching the course this time around, as Fearless Leader has decided that he needs to keep a very close eye on Horatio The Roomba-Loving Turtle. So any of you who would like to learn how to fly the jet (trainees, I am looking at _all_ of you) or would simply like a refresher course please let me know by end-of-week.

The more people who can take her up and put her back down again that we have, the more operational flexibility we have in case of injury, vacation, downtime, precognitive chocolate fits, swimming pool inhalation, or brain-sprains.

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All is quiet, threat board is green. As XO of X-Men Black I am handing command over to Storm for the duration of the New Year's holidays.



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