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One of my friends in Interpol just came up with an interesting tidbit about those FGH people. They had a number of teens doing internships for them in Ksavia. One of their parents contacted the local police saying that they hadn't heard from their son in over a week. This is all very sketchy and could just be them on a trip or something, but I'm going to keep on this, see where it leads.
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I'm trying to run down the woman we tagged involved in Hope and Laurie's disappearance. She claims to be Anna Taylor, an outreach liaison with the Foundation of Genetic Harmony. Unfortunately for her, we've met before on Avalon. I did some digging and 'Scanner' (her mutant name) is actually Sarah Ryall. I haven't been able to find any ties between the FGH and any of the Brotherhood's traditional shadow corporations. I could be wrong, but at this point, the FGH looks like an independent group, which means Scanner jumped ship on the Brotherhood for them.

I've been pinging RICO and the anti-terrorism units on this FGH, but so far, it seems to be considered mostly legit. No reason to investigate, so we're thin on information. I'll see what I can dig up.


Nov. 28th, 2012 01:45 pm
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SHIELD intel has just turned up credit card receipts with Nathan crossing state lines in Maryland, Virginia and Tennessee. This is now officially an FBI investigation now. SHIELD has also released Tyler's file over to the Bureau, and his last assignment was an undercover monitoring of a fringe fundamentalist church compound in Mississippi. Considering that and the states he's driven through, that's his most likely destination.

I've got the local field office working on obtaining a search warrant. I'm going to catch a flight now, and I'll be on the ground in less than two hours. I know people are worried, but keep the X-Men on standby for now. Kidnappings are the Bureau's obsession and SHIELD is looking at a multi-murderer on their payroll. Neither of them will appreciate outsiders butting in for now.

On Call

Sep. 1st, 2012 04:03 pm
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I've got to go out of town for an investigation in Minnesota. Open-ended, so I'm not sure when I'll be back. I'll be leaving in about an hour, and after that, I'll have my phone if you need me. Good job in the UK, guys.


Jul. 27th, 2012 02:51 am
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We've got a psion manifesting under tha worst possible circumstances in Madripoor. I think we need a team out now...
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I've been in touch with SHIELD and we sent in coordinates for a pickup late tomorrow night. SHIELD and local authorities are going to cordon off the area lightly, so that there won't be any innocent bystanders. Scott, once you finalize the team you want going in, I'll let them know.

Officially, this is a SHIELD operation and none of us were ever there, regardless of what we find.

Heads Up

Feb. 11th, 2012 02:50 pm
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Sorry, a little hollow-eyed here.

Jennifer Ransome and Phillip Moreau disappeared from the suite late last night while under FBI guard. A staff member went in with room service, and never left. There's virtually no clues. Less than a minute after he went in, there was a two second call made to an international exchange number, and then nothing. There's no physical evidence anywhere about how any of them could have left the room unseen.

There's going to be an investigation, but with the lack of evidence, the State department is already talking about it being 'their choice to leave' to mend fences with the Genoshans. More when I have it.
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We got a garbled panic button call to Silver, and a ridiculous follow up call to the bartender, who said 'Weep glee sploo' to me. We need a team in place now. It's too confused to get the Blackbird into place. Anyone around, suit up and meet me in the garage.


Jul. 12th, 2011 02:10 pm
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Does someone who's known Summers for umpteen dozen years go and look in on Scott? I know Jean's still in a coma, but the emails from the WCA are starting to get borderline frantic about what they should be doing, since he not surprisingly dropped everything when he came out here on Monday. There's two telepaths working on the problem and this can't be good for the guy, to just sit there and stare for hours, eh. Hank, Kurt, maybe see if one of you can pry him away from the medlab for at least a coffee and to check his email?
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Annalee is in SHIELD custody. I talked to a couple of the agents this morning. Personally, I think she's going to be found to be not mentally competent to stand trial. If her little empathic whammy was anything like what she actually went through emotionally, I'm not surprised that she snapped. Seriously ugly stuff. Which you probably guessed at, what with the whole 'throwing up my own knees' post-mission party.

I've been doing a little programming down here in the Danger Room, and we now have a mission profile set in to run with the tunnels and combatants who the participants are not allowed to hurt. Feel free to run them on your own schedules.

No, there's no particular reason that the combatants closely resemble the original cast of 'DeGrassi Junior High'.

Danger Room

May. 9th, 2011 08:52 am
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We need the following people to the Danger Room.

Yvette Petrovic
Jean Grey
Monet St Croix
Angel Jones
Tabitha Smith
Jan Van Dyne
Paige Guthrie
Bobby Drake

Bring your skates. No, I'm not kidding.
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Oct. 28th, 2010 12:16 pm
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Piotr, Yvette, Laurie, Jan, and Paige, your presence is requested in the situation room downstairs. Bring your leathers.
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I'm on my way out the door for a week or so. FBI has seconded me to the Yamam, which is Israel's police counterterrorism force, to advise on the Bureau's processes on investigating a kidnapping. I guess they feel that Calysee Neramani's kidnappers might try and get her over the border or something and want to be ready.

In any case, I'll see you all in about a week or so. Don't blow anything up without me.
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The Bureau and the US Marshals are about finished with SHIELD on the final investigation on the prison break. It's not exactly a cheerful summary. In short, it is the largest and most successful mass escape of the last fifty years of US Correctional history, and most of the worst of the escapees are dangerous mutant terrorists. Just wait until CBS, CNN and Fox catch up with the real numbers on this. It's not going to be a pretty reaction.

Looks like the key to the break-out was someone providing an inhaler of Kick to a prisoner inside, who passed it along to Infectia. They had taken precautions against her powers, but with Kick in her system, they might as well have not bothered. The 'Anti-Bodies' she infected, according to Dr.McCoy, manifested in the midst of the prison transfer, throwing the prison into chaos, and causing the multiple bus crashes and escapes. Infectia was smart enough to know that being on the lead bus gave her the best chance at escape. We don't have exact numbers yet, but at least twenty guards and correctional employees were killed in the incident.

Here's the really depressing part. For ease, I'm going to use their profile names from our own files, even if I'm stuck sounding like an idiot refering to a guy as 'Hairbag'. According to the Marshal's office, we and other agents recaptured eighty-five escapees, notable ones including:
Arlee Hicks
Lexa Pierce
Mad Dog
The Corruptor

Both Masque and Adam Kane remained at the prison for their own reasons and never escaped custody. Wildside was killed while resisting recapture. The incident is detailed in the post-mission report.

Now comes the bad part. Well over a hundred inmates remain at large. SHIELD and the US Marshal's are conducting massive manhunts across a two hundred mile radius, so likely better than half will be recaptured in the next few weeks. However, those with resources have a better than average chance of evading capture, and once outside of that zone, it's going to be up to the FBI to find them. Noted terrorists who escaped include:
Brennan Mulwray
Shalimar Fox
Jesse Kilmartin

We have to assume that Toad and the other Brotherhood will re-connect with Magneto soon enough. Colonel Fury passed along his 'unofficial' thanks for assisting SHIELD, as has DAD Duncan and the US Marshal Service. They'd love to have us involved in the ongoing search, but the risk of discovery is just too high now.


Oct. 25th, 2009 07:55 pm
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Meltdown, Wasp, Wildchilde, Blink and... Hamster, please report to the briefing room. Be ready to air your leathers.
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Logan, Marie, Lil and I are going to be gone for a few days to Canada. A number of our former teammates in Alpha Flight were killed in an incident in Northern Canada late Sunday. The funeral is on the 6th, although I'm not sure exactly when we'll be back.
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I can't imagine this is going to come as a huge surprise, but I'm heading out tonight for Toronto. My sister is not exactly dealing that well with all of this, and if I don't go and see her, she'll never forgive me. From there I'm going to be taking a leave of absence, to try and process everything that's happened. I don't know yet when, or potentially if, I'll be back.

Heather Hudson and Professor Xavier have my contact information if you need to reach me. I'm sorry that I can't be more forthcoming but, well, I'd appreciate it if this information will do for now. Whatever happens, I will certainly let Charles know about it as soon as possible.

Thank you for getting us out of there. I'm sorry that this is how I'm stuck repaying you all. Please look after Jay and Dani.
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Thanks to Amanda Sefton over at Snow Valley, we've managed to track down the guy in charge of the clinic that Jay went and got himself all messed up at. His name is Dr. Joseph Skrul, a German virologist who also used to work for Baron Von Strucker's company, who according to our files is high up on the evil Nazi scale of villians.

Considering that Paige has found out his other patients are dead, this is pretty much the only lead we've got to figuring out what's happening with Jay. I pulled his address up, and it's not that far of a drive from here. Miss Munroe, you mentioned wanting to be in the loop. You up for okaying a quick mission heading out to talk to the guy? Paige and Sam already kind of told me that they'd be going.
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im still mostly high on painkillers, but now that im not unconscious all hours of the day i have something important to say. magneto has a new trick. before he ripped my throat out i landed a perfect kidney blow on him. even logan would have needed a minute or two recovery from it. something happened when the blow hit and over the last while with nothing to do but muse and burble through my throat holes i think i figure it out.

magnetos clothes arent clothes. when i hit they stiffened like redirecting the force so it didnt all pass through. reactive. thats the word. i think his clothes are actually metal. maybe so fine or his power is enough that he can control them subconsciously. whatever it was it served as impact armor independent of his own realized thought or command. that means hes even more dangerous.


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