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I am writing this entry from the jet, as we make our way home, in between tending to some rather serious wounds and trying to help others who sustained injuries in our overseas endeavors. Suffice to say, things did not go as planned- though everyone seems to be in stable condition.

We uncovered what appears to be a human trafficking operation that has ports of call the world over- though the operation was very carefully concealed, we were able to download the contents of one of their hard drives, which will be sent off for processing upon our return to New York.

The true proverbial kick to the pants was the company we found ourselves in just before departing the province for greener pastures. It would appear someone was able to heal the wounds that Wolverine had inflicted on Lady Deathstrike at Alkali Lake seven years ago and that she is now once again on the game board. Obviously, even with her healing factor this should not be possible, but it was certainly her.

We should be home in good time, Iceman is piloting the jet as Jean and I see to our wounded- despite her efforts to curb my assistance. Now she's threatening to sedate me if I don't put the computer down and rest. More information to come.
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I've been connecting the dots on several recent news articles and am afraid that a rather disturbing correlation may be forming between them.

Several days ago, a woman with an X-Gene gave the police the slip from a hospital. This is the article: http://community.livejournal.com/x_communication/1123068.html

Next, a prior accomplice of Ms. MacArthur-Jacobs, which also happens to be her son, was liberated from transport en route to Colorado from Scotland. The breakout happened just up the road from us, and police are still searching locally. The article about Mr. MacArthur-Jacobs can be found here: http://community.livejournal.com/x_communication/1123203.html

They have prior convictions for murder and kidnapping. The other day, Jackson Hayward was taken from his home in a fashion matching their modus operandi, which has led to the Federal Bureau of Investigations toward the West Coast.

Today, this article appeared in the LA Times: http://community.livejournal.com/x_communication/1123994.html

I will be monitoring the news wires and federal frequencies until further notice for any other activity that may be linked in to this pair of malcontents. In the meantime, I am asking everyone to keep on alert status, we may need to leave at a moments notice.

Phoenix, please stop by my office when you aren't with a patient, I'd like you to run a passive scan with cerebro for the MacArthur-Jacobs' since the Professor is predisposed.
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The following team members need to be ready to go in three hours:

Everyone else, I want you on alert as a back-up in case things go south out there. We aren't completely certain what we're walking into.
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A hearty thanks to all who assisted with the search effort for Simon Gutierrez, he's currently in SHIELD custody and is awaiting official arraignment. After a harmless interview, Mister Gutierrez felt comfortable enough to disclose that the reason that he had come to Salem Center was to kill Julian Keller. The reason for his journey, however, was not simply malicious intent- rather he was motivated by a man named Gordon McPhearson.

It seems Mister McPhearson has abducted Simon's parents and is threatening to kill them if he didn't fulfill his mission. At this time SHIELD is conducting an investigation into the validity of this story and is attempting to discern the location of McPhearson. Updates will be posted as they become available.


Feb. 14th, 2010 09:57 pm
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I've just been informed that Simon, the young man responsible for getting a group of our students sent to jail today, escaped from the hospital, where he injured several people in the process. The Salem Center Police apparently never contacted SHIELD when they arrested the boy (as is proper protocol) so their motives in initiating a small scale search effort to find him is somewhat suspect. Particularly given they haven't initiated proper search-protocols for Westchester County.

A manhunt has been proposed on our part; someone friendly needs to find this boy before he hurts someone else or gets hurt himself.

Any volunteers? This will be a civilian clothes mission.

Trainees you've dealt with him before and are little worse for wear, so this would be good field experience for you. We'll be pairing you up with a senior team member for this mission.
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(Com call that was sent out over the team communicators, for those who were available to listen. For the record, this is a portion of the Aurora intro, and so response is all handled. In any case, the dulcet tones are those of Hank. ))

"Guys and Dolls of the leatherclad persuasion... we have a bit of a situation in the medlab. There's a poor girl here with a decidedly disoriented bent to her voice demanding to see Paul and calling me Walter. A grand entrance by that notable would not go amiss."

((A brief pause, and a muffled crash in the background.))

"Fast would be better than slow."


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