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So turns out the source of power Professor Xavier detected in Brazil was a mutant kid hopped up on Kick. Some organization named Combine Energy was using the kid as a generator for their power plant...except that's not even the kicker (pardon the pun). Reavers had been hired as the security for the facility and apparently are now working for some sort of faux-legitimate organization. The good news is we were able to rescue the boy and destroy the facility without any casualities. We'll be arriving back at the mansion this evening after a brief detour to Muir to drop the boy and his family so he can get appropriate treatment for Kick exposure.

I have to congratulate the team on a job well done - everyone played their part beautifully, despite the last minute changes to the game plan.
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Wolverine, Legion, Wasp, Forge, and Caldera, report to the Blackbird, time now. Briefings will be conducted en route.
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Sorry I'm late posting this…actually, no, I'm not. This was supposed to be a trust exercise, not a mission. I'm not supposed to be writing a report – I need to be coming up with a fresh excuse for why I'm missing class again since I don't think sending my "cousin" in my place will work.

So when the switch happened, Angelo, Pietro and I had just finished the exercise Ms. Day had assigned us and returned to the central part of the camp. When our heads cleared from that oh-so-lovely transition, we saw a female leaning up against a tree (now identified as Paul LaRue). And then she..he..whatever...switched into a guy., started laughing and ran off into the woods. Considering the new shapes and genders we found ourselves in, well, um, we chased him/her down. Sorry for not calling that in but I think we were all a little disoriented. Once we questioned him/her with some judicious threats, he/she let us know that the effects were temporary but he/she was unable to reverse them himself. At that point we contacted the local authorities to collect him/her and alerted them to his/her rather unique abilities, calling the team leaders to let them know of the same.. We then returned to the camp to update everyone on the information we'd gathered.

And all you crazy people who have changed your icons? No thanks. See that picture? That's me. I am a girl, whatever this new exterior may look like.

And great, now I'm agreeing with Pietro.
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Logan and Marie make holiday plans. Logan aids and abets in making sure Marie has something resembling a life.

And, of course, there's no chance the two of you might want to ... get away, for a bit? Maybe go out, even? )
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Since apparently no vacation is ever truly such, I have uploaded a report to the database about my recent trip to Meridian with Logan. The short story is that we got our hands on a precognitive’s journal, which is now in Marie-Ange’s possession. All we have of her name is Irene A. and I haven’t been able to find anything in our files to indicate we’ve come across her before. If anybody else wants to take a crack at the book, MA said she’ll try and scan it to a data file when she has time.

I’m also taking a temporary leave from the team. I’m just not in the right place to be of much help right now.
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We're back, as I'm sure you've all noticed. That went exceptionally well, people. It was good for me. Was it good for anyone else?

Logan seems to be about the same as always, aside from a serious case of dehydration, sleep deprivation, and hunger. He's pretty delirious at the moment and I think we can all agree that he's not making much sense, so we'll wait until he's feeling a bit more himself to take him seriously. Right? Right.

We're going to be careful with him as we can't seem to get him to retract his claws. Anyone dealing with him is going to have to work around that, he cuts IV lines like nobody's business. He's also not aware some of the time whether they're out or in.

From me, personally, to everyone who went or helped, thank you. It's good to have him back... even if he is a bit addled at the moment. I'm sure it'll pass. No wisecracks.


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