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Just caught a phone call from that guy that M and Marius' dad (or Marius' mom? IDEK. Who set us up with this guy? Gar, is this like one of your cop buddies? He didn't say, and I forgot to ask, sorry) put us in touch with in the Australian Police? So it turns out that even though there's a woman named Sarah Ryall who lives down that way in Parramatta? She isn't Sarah Ryall who is Anna Taylor who is Scanner, jesus it's like identities like those nesting Russian dolls.

They totally are like arresting her for identity theft I think - he was pretty circumspect about it, because we're flying under the radar here but anyway - she's not Sarah Ryall, she's Nora Wolf, and a year ago she had a totally different nose and cheekbones.

He also said they can't get in touch with the real Sarah Ryall, but found some of her family and they haven't heard from her in almost a year, not since last winter.

I've got it marked for follow-up because this isn't my thing - Gar, sorry I kinda put you on the spot and said you'd give him a call, cause I figured either you know him or can do the professional thing at him and get like, full reports?
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One of my friends in Interpol just came up with an interesting tidbit about those FGH people. They had a number of teens doing internships for them in Ksavia. One of their parents contacted the local police saying that they hadn't heard from their son in over a week. This is all very sketchy and could just be them on a trip or something, but I'm going to keep on this, see where it leads.
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I'm trying to run down the woman we tagged involved in Hope and Laurie's disappearance. She claims to be Anna Taylor, an outreach liaison with the Foundation of Genetic Harmony. Unfortunately for her, we've met before on Avalon. I did some digging and 'Scanner' (her mutant name) is actually Sarah Ryall. I haven't been able to find any ties between the FGH and any of the Brotherhood's traditional shadow corporations. I could be wrong, but at this point, the FGH looks like an independent group, which means Scanner jumped ship on the Brotherhood for them.

I've been pinging RICO and the anti-terrorism units on this FGH, but so far, it seems to be considered mostly legit. No reason to investigate, so we're thin on information. I'll see what I can dig up.


Sep. 21st, 2014 01:00 pm
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It has come to my attention that Laurie Collins and Hope Abbott have failed to return from Michigan, nor have they checked in to inform anyone of their whereabouts. I have been searching for them via Cerebro, but I have been unable to locate them.

From this I can only assume the worst and request you to begin investigations into where they might be.



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