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I just wanna say--well, thanks, first of all. It's been a real honor learning from all of you, and I'm sorry I'm not going to be continuing on here, or getting to work with you all in a fuller capacity. It's--y'know, it's funny, really--there was a time when I might've said this was the last thing I thought I wanted to do with my life, and now here it is, probably what I'll miss most about moving away.

Which isn't to say I'm not going to keep on, I mean, I meant to ask, is there something I have to do other than, y'know, call Alison and ask if I can finish training with her since I'll be out there, do I have to officially request a transfer or something like that. But this place, and all of you, will always be the X-Men to me, and I'll miss being a part of it.
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What's all this about a coatrack? Are there any other unusual, um, projectiles, I should make a note to watch out for, on missions?
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Y'know, it's really interesting looking back and seeing what the Asgard stuff looked like from this end. It's actualy really impressive how you guys slotted in the extra security that smoothly. Did that stuff get ramped up after the whole Stryker thing?

Also, I was curious about the Iceland mission, the one that pissed Loki off. Was that the first time the team had done crowd-control sort of things on that scale? How did it compare to, say, the Seattle riot?
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I've been going through the mission reports sort of mostly chronologically, and the thing that really leaped out at me was, wow, this operation started out really small. I mean, tiny.

So what I'm curious about is, and this is mostly aimed at the distinguished veterans (note how I didn't say "old people?") is, is it easier now that the active roster is what, five, six times what it was at the very start? Or did the workload scale up with the numbers, and . . . I dunno exactly what I'm trying to say, so I'll keep it simple. Easier, harder, or just different, and why?
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Also, wow, you guys (or, "we," I guess, now) are busy, to judge by the size of the mission reports directory I get to read now. Should be about a dozen different kinds of interesting.

While I get started on that, though, Mr. Summers tells me I don't get to pick my own trainee codename. Be gentle? And remember that I'm the guy who willingly referred to himself as "Xerox Boy" for several months?

Oh! Also, while I'm thinking about it! Alison, I'm supposed to report to you for fitness training and all that good stuff, so here's me, reporting to you. Whatcha want me to do first, boss?


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