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I am sorry to say Cannonball has been arrested.  There was a demonstration at his family church, the usual "mutants are the spawn of Satan" bigots, and he assaulted their leader.  It was a single punch and the man walked away, so an assault and battery charge at worst, and the man did make threats and call his mother a whore, so we can hope a defence of provocation will be enough to avoid any serious consequences.  Still, it may make his or our stay a little longer than planned.
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Something is happening at the Genoshan embassy.  The news is reporting explosions, but little in the way of details.

The children are there.  Everyone should be ready to go and get them.

EDIT:  No one is answering their phones and I cannot see their GPS signals.  Phoenix, perhaps you should go straight to the city.
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Beast and I are going on a mission in Pennsylvania, to rescue Nick Gleason's sister as she has asked for help. Before you ask, we do not intend to invade the Purifiers' stronghold with force - I have a photograph of the girl's room and precise directions to find it from the outside. I plan to go in and back out with her before anyone knows I was ever there.

We will call if we need help.
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There is something of an emergency, Amanda has asked me to tell you. The witch Selene has - somehow - taken Meggan, and has demands before she will be freed.

X-Force are handling it, and as her brother I will be involved, but I am afraid the team cannot come along or Meggan will die.

ETA: Except you, Caldera. Your presence is apparently required.

If that changes, I will let you know.
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I can wait no longer. I am going to the city to find my sister and the other girls.

Please tell Dr. Samson I will look for his sister as well while I am there.
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You may have read Terry's initial report, and if not I know you will soon.

I need to take some time away now. I will be back in due course.
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I will be gone a few days longer than expected - I must stay with Father Michael to comfort and guard my father's latest victim until we can return her to her family.

This time, he has gone too far. Whoever may see Amanda first, please tell her I will be coming to speak with her on my return.
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It would appear that my father is on a business trip to New York. As I have been wanting to talk with him for quite some time, I am paying him a visit.

I have my communicator with me, and I will leave at the first sign of trouble. Do not worry.


Jan. 24th, 2008 06:15 pm
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The mutant in the energy plant has been successfully extracted, and he is not an Iranian citizen. He will be resettled as agreed.

Meanwhile, all else did not go smoothly. The helicopter that was to evacuate Dominion, Storm, Blink, Sunfire and Juggernaut was destroyed before they could board it, and they made for the north. As far as we are aware, they all made their escape, but we have lost contact with them and do not know their precise location now.
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Cable and Phoenix departed earlier tonight for Chechnya. They have gone, on his own request, to do some reconnaissance and decide if it will be safe to extract Ilyas Saidullayev.

I will be in command of the team in the absence of those two as well as Cyclops and Storm, and while I am very much hoping it will not prove necessary, I will need all active team members on standby until Cable and Phoenix return safely.

Are there any questions?
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This is a team report for the ?Mexico mission. I do not know why I haqd to do it - typing with one working hand on painkillers is not easy.

Overall, as you know, it was ba success. Scott is well snd we handed a number of Preserver prisoners to the government, We dropped them off - lietrally, as we could not land - at the airfiekd where Cooper was waiting.

the reason we could not land is thta the Blackbird will be needing some repair. Julio's post, unforunateky, was not an exaggeration. Also, Jinasena, the bombmaker, was killed in the pocess of reversing what he did to Scott. There was nothing anyone coyld have dione about it.

Finally, |I am not sure whart Cable calls go-pills should be part of the Blackbird's medical kit in future, especiallly for psis. H|e was a little... off on the way back.
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Now that I have returned from my time away, there are things I do not feel should be kept secret any longer, at least from my team-mates here. I have never liked keeping secrets, and now I have had some time, I want the truth to be known.

Most of you know I was raised as a fosterling by the Szardos clan, when I was left with them by my biological mother, shortly after my birth. I did not know until very recently who it was that left me there. Now I do, beyond any doubt.

And it was Mystique.

I am easily found, should anyone wish to talk on this further.
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Polaris and Cable to the hangar, please.

We have a call to retrieve three kidnapped mutant teenagers in Chicago. The Professor has located them with Cerebro, in the tunnels beneath the city. We leave as soon as everyone is ready.
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Just to keep you all updated:

Meggan Szardos is missing. We are not sure yet exactly what happened, but Professor Xavier is looking for her with Cerebro.

I will keep you informed when we know more.


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