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Just caught a phone call from that guy that M and Marius' dad (or Marius' mom? IDEK. Who set us up with this guy? Gar, is this like one of your cop buddies? He didn't say, and I forgot to ask, sorry) put us in touch with in the Australian Police? So it turns out that even though there's a woman named Sarah Ryall who lives down that way in Parramatta? She isn't Sarah Ryall who is Anna Taylor who is Scanner, jesus it's like identities like those nesting Russian dolls.

They totally are like arresting her for identity theft I think - he was pretty circumspect about it, because we're flying under the radar here but anyway - she's not Sarah Ryall, she's Nora Wolf, and a year ago she had a totally different nose and cheekbones.

He also said they can't get in touch with the real Sarah Ryall, but found some of her family and they haven't heard from her in almost a year, not since last winter.

I've got it marked for follow-up because this isn't my thing - Gar, sorry I kinda put you on the spot and said you'd give him a call, cause I figured either you know him or can do the professional thing at him and get like, full reports?
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Angel you owe me ten bucks.

Yeah, Wallflower and I just rescued Spider-Man (haha fucking laugh, I did.) from some asshat calling himself Radian or Radassman or something.

He's (Radian or whatever, not Spider-Man) chilling his heels in lockup, Gar, you mind checking up on him just to make sure he stays put in jail? He had this whole thing about a guy named Scorpion or something, I think Wallflower recorded it, I was busy trying to get her into a window so she could find a stairwell so we could come in door and window. We made it look like he knocked his own damn self out and called the cops from outside the building and saw them dragging him out in cuffs. It was awesome.

If you missed the report and my last post - Spider-Man ... okay I can't keep calling him that I'm laughing too much - is a fifteen year old kid named Miles and he's so earnest it's fricking adorable, pretty sure he'll be calling in the morning to try to transfer, because he really wants to be a superhero.

There's too many codenames in this, I am so going to drink all the drinks.
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So the kid I popped up a report about a few nights ago - I went and talked to him, and I probably fucked it up, because I was expecting a kid more like me less like.... I dunno, Angel (sorry but he's so earnest!) and I got a kid who no shit believes he's helping and I came on a little too strong. Ima regret saying this but I shoulda maybe had Laurie talk to him, he's at one of the magnet type schools, nerd stats might've done the trick, idek.

Yeah, screwed up thing is he might be helping, but he's fifteen! He's fifteen and kind of a nerd and either him or his buddy was eating sushi box for lunch wtf I never got sushi box for lunch at fifteen! Lorna, I am lodging a formal protest on behalf of fifteen year old Kyle, okay?

Anyway, he's zero threat but I'm pretty sure he's going to get himself in trouble so I've got Cypher over at XF keeping an eye on his internet stuff, in case he does anything really amazing fantastic spectacular dumb.
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Okay so I've read Korvus AND Catseye AND Sam's reports like twice and I'm still confused, what the hell happened? The kids got attacked by ... a cave? Because ... what?

Course it might be that I need to stop using a text to speech thing on my phone to read reports while I'm jogging.
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Seriously, Hamster, did you seriously just get butthurt at a kid because I told her your codename and she used it at you?

So, seriously, dude, do you have like a problem with the name, because you know like, if it was actually some kind of thing where hamsters gave you a wiggins you could've said. It's not like we're jerks or anything.
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So, yeah, you know, that kind of sucked. Who got Laurie's comms duty after Kurt medic-napped her last night?

For anyone who hasn't read the reports, we got a call from Ms. Frost last night saying that the other Ms. Frost told her there was a fire at some chemical plant that Gar and the other FBI guys were raiding. I know, lots of Frosts all up in this post.

Anyway. Pretty clean rescue mission, in and out, couple of minor injuries but nothing serious. I got a burn on my leg but it's pretty much healed up and I think Sparky puked up a couple of days worth of meals but we're the worst of it. Looks like we got everyone out, including Gar, and from what I hear he's already out of the infirmary after threatening to show everyone his junk if he they didn't let him go.
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Is this report for real? I mean like for really real?

Because dude, I know some of the X-Women came back busted and all, and I'm reading this and look, without somebody confirming it I am like seriously WHAT THE HELL because roller skates? "Tinkerhell"? Roller derby?

Guys I know some kind of beat-up shit happened and I know there was a post about 'bring your skates' but this is one big like, elaborate practical joke, right? It was just some raid we assisted on, right?

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The only good part about my day is that the Packers fucking won the Superbowl. I mean, I didn't get to WATCH ANY OF IT because of the FUCKING DINOSAUR.

So, yeah. Remember dino-AIDS guy, the pterodactyl that jumped me and Laurie and we had that huge fight and whatever? Yeah, so X Factor like got hired to find some person killing people over in District X and okay, somebody's gonna have to go over there and get details because fuck I have a headache, and need to go eat, but anyway, yeah, SHIELD arrested his green scaly energy-eating ass about an hour ago for being a fucking serial killer or something.

I dunno most of the details, I'll throw up what I can and I dunno, Laurie works over there, make her do the rest. She owes me 20 bucks anyway.
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For any of you who're so inclined, got some tape for you all to review.

Wolverine and Wildchild.

Have fun. Was a good scrap.
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I hate having to be a downer, but I'd rather get the 'not so great' news out early so I don't gotta dwell on it. Cyclops knows this already, I'm pretty sure that Zanne (oh, b-t-w, you really need a trainee name or a code name or something.) does too, Discharge might also, I'm not sure how much she saw.

Wow, I'm not sure how to say this, because the whole thing sucks.

Okay, so Sabretooth was working with SHIELD - don't ask me why I'm not sure I get it, he had some kind of bomb-collar-muzzle thing strapped to him. It blew up in the middle of us fighting War, and ... well, the guy took most of the explosion - at the time I thought it was some kind of weird 'so I could deal with War' thing, which doesn't make sense now but I was kinda busy at the time so I wasn't thinking about it -

But he got away - I have no idea how the hell he survived, because seriously, from like, nose to chest he was blowed up pretty good, but by the time War was knocked out, he was gone. Like really gone - collar on the ground, blood everywhere, no sign of him at all, and nothing I could smell because of all the blood and other crap.

I am, you know, as they say, pretty goddamn not happy about that. I already had to admit to the guy that he can kick my ass any time he wants, I don't really want to think about him out there thinking about if he wants to or not.
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Forge knows cause I talked to him, but the perimeter alert was Angel's dad. He evac'd out of New York and came here hoping Angel had managed to come home. I sent him down to see the docs, because he's already got a bum leg and he's pretty banged up, and I'm gonna go setup one of the guest rooms for him, cause it's not like the guy can go home.

He's probably gonna want to talk to someone Not Me about Angel though. He doesn't seem pissed, but he's worried as hell, and I wasn't gonna lie to the guy.
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I'm not totally sure I can even ask this, but ... okay, basically the whole stupid in Kosovo is because partially, Yvette's having problems with being pissed off and when she got mad, she went off all stupid without thinking. So now she thinks she can't ever BE angry.

Which you know, right now is probably totally true.

But it's also not like, healthy. I mean, god knows how many times Doc Samson's told me that its' not being angry that's the problem it's how you deal with it.

Right now she's going off to hide in the woods and destroy trees and make firewood. But okay, one, if she deforests the woods that would suck, and two, going off isn't helping her, it's just making it worse cause she thinks she either can't be around people or has to have, like, Buddha levels of not-ever-get-angry. And someday she's gonna HAVE to be around people and someday someone is gonna piss her off and right now she's got not a lot of options. The woods outdoors part is probably not so bad, but the alone part isn't working.

So what I was thinking was seeing if she can use the Danger Room sometimes? I know Angel does for her powers, and I think Nori does for her powers and we could make the DR Yvette-proof probably, and she'd have to be supervised, but hell, if someone has to and nobody else wants to I'll do it. I get the anger thing and I'm not gonna break too much if she does poke me full of holes.

I think she needs somewhere she can not have to worry, and can take off the gloves and sock things and yeah, maybe break some stuff. Not sure on the break stuff bit. Even if all she does is go down there and get a good yell on and do some stomping around, it's better then nothing, right?

Also yeah, I know, I was a total hypocrite, and need to take my own advice.


Sep. 2nd, 2008 06:26 am
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1. I think I'm gonna need one of the docs to take a look at my leg once we get home. I'm not sure the bullet actually came all the way out. Wound is mostly closed, I'm not bleeding anymore but it HURTS.

2. Can someone PLEASE tell Miss Laurie "I think I know everything" Collins that yes, dammit, people really do get free business class upgrades sometimes?

Oh, right. Long story short, there was some stupid, we had to go in to rescue Angel and Yvette, someone who is in less pain can give more details, or I can once I've gotten my leg to stop going THORBTHORBTHORBTHORB and I got shot and Laurie got her arms and hands all fucked up and got a whole mess of stitches.


Mar. 26th, 2008 08:10 pm
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Yeah, this is a lot weirder than I thought it would be. In short, Kyle and I are out of the greys and into the blacks. He needs a new codename. I'm fine on that score, thanks for asking.

Short of world-explodey stuff, I am totally buying a round at Harry's on Friday. (And okay, Kyle, pizza on Saturday.)
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We need one of those signs that says "X number of days since someone went all crazy and did something really farking stupid."

Because, I mean, dude, guys? I mean, seriously you guys? You guys, Seriously? I'm the youngest of the team and someone left me a "Most Mature X-Man" award pushed under my door today.

I think they're trying to tell you guys something.


Dec. 8th, 2007 06:17 pm
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Putting this here cause I don't wanna raise a giant freakout.

I can't find Julio.


Nov. 6th, 2007 08:47 pm
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We came up with a trainee name for Laurie!

It's totally late so I'll leave you in suspense. But I can be bribed.
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What with the events of the last few weeks, certain small niceties have dropped by the wayside. Understandable, but a shame, and I may be heading out of town shortly, but I wanted to rectify the lapse before I did.

We have a number of new trainees to welcome aboard. Marius, Jennie, Kyle, Janet, and Forge will be working with us. I'm sure you'll all make yourselves available to answer any questions they may have, and as training partners when I do get a new rotation drawn up.

For our new trainees - you now have full access to the database, including all of the training material and past missions. I'd suggest reading everything you can get your hands on, for a better understanding of what we do around here. One note, though - it's not kind to mock the follies of your elders. Some of us have heard all too many jokes about quicksand and coatracks and the like.

And on that note... trainee names, anyone?


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