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Jetstream, Juggernaut, Polaris and Husk (assigned medical assist) report to the Hangar, asap. We have a starting point to track down Cable and we need to get going.

Note: Haller and Angelo will be accompanying us to provide specialized forms of assistance. Haller will be filling in as a remote back-up telepath and Angelo as an information and research aid. Saul will be coming along as well, so that we can keep an eye on him.
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Saul showed up at the front door not long ago. He's let us know what happened to Nathan this afternoon and we're working on the best step to follow next. So far, we're keeping Saul with us, where we can watch him as it were.

Moira has been made aware and is being kept in the loop as to any information pertaining to Nathan.

More later.


Mar. 27th, 2006 08:49 pm
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FYI: Emergency beacon call received from Scarlet Witch. A pick-up team has been dispatched to the traced location.


Sep. 1st, 2005 11:13 am
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Jetstream, Juggernaut, Colossus, report to the Blackbird at once. We're leaving for a pick up at one of the safe houses. I sent Psylocke ahead to try and get more information for us on the situation and the pick-up himself since this is in her area of expertise.

The twist is that the pick-up is being followed by a hostile. He's an airborne virus emitter; as such, Colossus and Juggernaut are the primaries on any potential encounter with him. We don't anticipate a direct encounter with him but aren't taking any chances. In depth briefing will occur on the flight over. All medical information available about the hostile has been sent along to the medlab.
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Ok, the wing's been stripped and the X-Rays are all done and as soon as those are developed by the MedLab, replacement parts will be ordered in and pre-assembly will start. We've also set aside what was obviously not re-useable already. Note that I reporteth the general stuff and not the technical details and thingamabobs, since those will be in the official report anyway, so you're saved Scott and Haroun's bird geek babbling.

And now, everyone is going to bed for a nap or three before going back to it. (And the BBQ when that starts this afternoon.)

Your friendly neighorhood blowtorch...
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Departure at 3am, be ready or get dipped in concrete! Oh wait, Juggernaut's already DONE that this week... oh well, I'm sure we'll find something adequate, hrm?

Briefing is at nine. After that, just be present at the hangar deck for departure time. We anticipate being back on Sunday afternoon.

Team: Dazzler (CO), Jetstream (XO), Cable, Juggernaut, Polaris.
On observation run: Kamikaze.
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Cable, Scarlet Witch, Juggernaut, you're up on deck! We'll have a short briefing on what we're heading out to do in about ten minutes, Jetstream is finalizing the data we need to go over. Yes, I know it's late, but there you go... at least we get to actually have a briefing that's not in the 'bird while en route to someplace or other for once, mm?
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Huh. Got a hand delivered invitation earlier. Looks like I've been invited to meet up with one Mr. H Leland of the Hellfire Club. Tonight.

Before anyone panics, the card mentions my father's name and something about settling an administrative matter, so I'm guessing this is part of the social functions of the Club more than anything else. And it's not at the Club itself, the address listed seems to be a private office sort of thing.

I'm just not about to run off there without telling someone. And I'll have my comm with me, as usual.

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[Filtered - X-Men only]

Aim: Protective detail for Alphonso de la Rocha.
Threat: Pete Wisdom
Location: To be disclosed to team members participating in this mission only.
Time: Saturday, possibly lasting through into the week.
Note: This mission is volunteers only.

Please confirm your wish to participate in this mission by Friday night, at the latest.
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There's a new report in from Morgan. All team members are to read it in depth ASAP.

Note to trainees: Due to the nature of some of the information in that report, the files are locked to active team members only and it is normal that you don't have access. The files will be unlocked later as events allow.


Mar. 13th, 2005 08:18 pm
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Psylocke is on away status as of now.

Location: off mansion grounds.
Duration: undetermined.
Status: incommunicado.
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Due to everything that's happened, please be advised that at this time, Jean is not a member of the team. This also means she has no access to the Danger Room other than in training situations should that happen and as such, with a team member along to monitor. There is also no access to the mission reports and team specific files - other than medical of course.

We are waiting to see how things go and have elected to let her take the first step as regards rejoining the team and retraining.


Mar. 12th, 2005 05:14 pm
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As of now, Team Black is on active duty.

Blue has house duty, Gold is on away leave. No change on this until further notice. Nightcrawler,  Cannonball - please see me about this within the hour.
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Security sweep finished. All clear.

There are passive trackers on some of our uninvited guests, just so you all know. With a little bit of luck, they might give us something useful - we'll only know when we activate them later.

The students are clear to leave the safe areas now.

Cyclops and his team are updated on events and should arrive soon.
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Departure is ASAP.

We're retrieving several children and a team led by MacInnis. There is, at this time, no sign of pursuit from Mistra. They have a member of the team currently keeping some of the local weather on the active side to grant them extra cover, just in case.

Jetstream is prepping the Blackbird now and Cable will be joining us for this as well.

Beast, you're in. Nab Madelyn as well, you're going to need the back up. We're looking at bringing back six kids (they were en route to a Mistra conditioning facility and are likely to have been sedated to be kept quiet) as well as the team that retrieved them. Injuries among the adults range from severe to light, no known status on the kids other than no serious emergencies. If you need help transporting medical supplies to the Blackbird, nab whoever you need.

Nightcrawler - Storm is letting me nab you for this, in case of emergency teleport needs. You'll be part of the team.

Kylun - we're looking at winter and blizzard like weather. We'll be needing your particular talents and knowledge for this sort of situation on this one.

Muir Report

Jan. 1st, 2005 09:25 pm
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The report is in the database.

#050101-1382 [Proteus]

Certain portions flagged to appropriate people and security levels.

All clear for now.
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There was an incident on the island (well, the pub and then it got taken to the island for the actual fireworks). Everyone is fine, only very light injuries/exhaustion.

Still in the process of cleaning things up and getting down all the details. Full report later when all the information is available.
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Transfer of watch done. Storm is off until the 29th, Jetstream and I are keeping an eye no things here until she gets back.

Current status - all is quiet across the board.
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Ow. Meditating for four hours makes me think too much.

So. That's it. I've had it.

Scott is locked out of this post thanks to nifty provisions Hank has in the system. No Scott reading this.

Because "this" is a mutiny.

I need someone to help me raid Scott's computer – if no one with team status is up to cracking that, I'm getting Doug to help me. Every file we take over is going to get tagged as locked and the name of the person now in charge of that task will be the only thing Scott can get.

Kurt? You get kidnapping duties. Just – get him out of the mansion. Far away out of the mansion. Until late evening. You can do that right?

I need volunteers to take up the following tasks he has refused to share out:
- Danger Room programs (I have that, anyone willing to share with me?)
- Danger Room sessions, organizing them and running them
- Review of said sessions
- Training Schedules
- Reviewing Team missions (Ororo? Sam?)
- News profiling (Yes, he has that fed to his computer and not just the data room)

I'm sure we'll find more to nab on his computer to share out later, too. Keep in mind this means he gets detailed reports to he knows what's up and isn't out of the loop.

Now, I'm going to go see how much ice cream it would it take to talk Madelyn into giving Scott something in his coffee that would make him sleep for oh, two or three days, when Kurt brings him back.

Oh yes. Nathan? No. Go back to bed.


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