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A new Danger Room scenario based on yesterday's successful mission has been programmed and entered into the files. I would be interested to hear of people's solutions and reactions - though the trainees handled it exceptionally well. Mission reports are also starting to be posted as well for your perusal.
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Now that we knew what to look for, we caught the next incident as soon as it hit the newsfeeds. There's been another kidnapping - same pattern, same circumstances. Just like the other victims, this was a mutant child, a young emergent, and her mother was left unconscious.

We're going to need to do something, but based on Moira's findings, that's going to be a problem. Shiro, you were the oldest person involved in any of these cases who wasn't affected by the gas. We're going to need to test all the trainees and younger X-Men to see who is and isn't affected, before we can even begin to come up with a plan. Basically, everyone under the age of about 23? Report to the infirmary, and I don't expect to hear any bitching about being poked and prodded. If you turn out to be immune to this gas, we're going to need you.

While that's going on, the Professor's going to be trying to track down our kidnapper.


May. 6th, 2006 05:48 pm
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The dossiers are all compiled - thanks to those who were helping with that since yesterday. There's consistency between cases. Each involves younger children and incapacitated caregivers. The children, incidentally, are all mutants.

This is definitely something we want to pursue. Clarice and Shiro constitute a major inconsistency in the pattern in that they weren't left unconscious, so we're going to figure out why, then go from there.
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Recently, there have actually been a significant number of reports of kidnapped children whose caregivers or adult companions were left in comas. The incidents have been scattered all over the country, hence why no one's ventured that this might be a pattern. I'm trying to put together dossiers on the kids who were taking. At least some of them are mutants.
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Clarice and I were watching Leyu, Artie, and Karolina fly their kites when two individuals approached us and tried to abduct the children. A big guy in body armor attacked and tried to distract me (he was very strong) while what appeared to be an old woman riding a wheel chair with tank treads went for the children. Clarice teleported them back here while I tried to take care of the big guy.

He almost disabled me with a punch, and Clarice and I managed to switch, so she took him on while the old lady tried to poison me with some yellow gas. Clarice disabled the man with a kick to the groin, and the gas had no effect on me, so then they fell back. We would have pursued had we had the authority. (And I apparently felt the need to get one of Dr. Voght's thorough lectures about not getting hit in the face or inhaling strange vapors. I'm a closet masochist.)

I'm in the medlab now. I'll bruise, but I'll be fine. Voght is checking to make sure that the gas was in fact harmless. I'll fill out a more concise report once I'm cleared and have had the opportunity to make sure that the kids are well.

And really? After my week, I should have known this would happen. Colbert, why didn't you warn me?


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