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And as per the last post - Cyclops, Storm, I need to go on hiatus. Not sure when that'll change, except "when I don't have an office to run".
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Has anyone heard from Nate or Jean-Paul? They didn't show up in Tel Aviv when they were supposed to, no one there's heard a thing, and Nate's not answering his phone.

Something's wrong.
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Uhhh, we have a problem. I think Ms. Braddock's escaped. She's not down here anywhere I can see, anyway, and Forge's out cold.
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I have to take off for a while again. Seems like LA's not done with me yet, and I have to go help out with a problem there.

I'm not going alone, and I'll check in at least twice a day while I'm out there. And I promise, if it looks too hot to handle when I get more details, I'll call you guys for help.

I shouldn't be gone that long - this is kind of time-sensitive. So I'll see you soon.
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Since I think we can all use a little, especially after yesterday's events. Angelo will be upgrading his leathers from gray to black... well, about as soon as we can get him a set made. Those of us who were in Russia got a demonstration of why this was an appropriate move at this time; those of you who weren't should take a look at the mission reports.

I have it on good authority that you'll be dropping 'Sancho', Angelo? As I remember, the words "Or I'll drown him in the lake" came from the large fiery bird who told me that. Although that might have just been the fever talking.
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Picked out a trainee name - thanks for the suggestion, Scott.

Just call me Sancho.
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So it looks like I'm an official trainee now. Yeah, I was as surprised by it as you are.

Been reading up on the team files for the last few weeks, and Nate says the next step is a trainee name and you all have to choose it.

So... time for suggestions, I guess.


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