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Rather anticlimactic, all things considered. Kurt's with us and not too badly hurt - obviously, since we brought him back on the cargo plane - although he's going to be a while in recovering. He's down in the infirmary, with Amelia giving him a thorough going-over.

Sadly, we didn't bring back any explanations as to precisely what the hell was going on. Magneto was there - we spotted him at the end of a hallway, but picking a fight in the middle of a hospital, even a shady private clinic that was holding Kurt against his will, was not really an option.

I'm almost sure he meant for us to see him.

If anyone wants my opinion, this was some sort of a test, to see how we'd react. I can think of at least three incidents while I was at Mistra where we were lured into demonstrating how we'd respond to a particular situation; it can tell an enemy a lot, so long as they're not throwing away anything too valuable. Given that Kurt was obliging enough to traipse happily into their hands, the bait came at no cost to them, even. And after the ambush they pulled with the Blackbird, it's fair to say that they were probably wondering how that might change the nature of our response to something like this.

Note for the security-minded: how whoever it was knew to pass that package with the evidence for where Kurt was to Suzanne has some nasty implications, given that she's not been out in the field with us yet.

I'm going to call Amanda and tell her Kurt's back and able to have visitors.
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We've narrowed Kurt's likely location down to three possibilities - private clinics, all of them. Since we're without transportation of our own, we're going to have to improvise. I'm going to take Cain and Nathan and hop a cargo plane headed for Mexico City tonight. That way, if the Brotherhood has anyone watching the airport, they won't see us coming.

This is going to be a quick in-and-out. Once we've figured out which of these clinics Kurt is in, we're going to retrieve him and come back the way we came, presuming he's not too badly injured to make the trip that way. I don't intend to make a fight of this, especially if that email was actually from Kurt and Magneto is hanging around. Whatever trap Kurt fell into, we're going to do our best to avoid following his example.

Someone call his sister and tell her what's going on.


Jul. 14th, 2008 11:50 pm
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So we have confirmation now that Kurt's in trouble. He's being held in some sort of medical facility in Mexico; we're in the process of narrowing down where exactly, and Charles is continuing to search for him with Cerebro. We don't know the source of the information, but it's pretty comprehensive - footage of him, plus his medical records.

Once we get his exact location, we'll go get him, plane or no plane. I'll probably be looking for volunteers in the morning.
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You may have read Terry's initial report, and if not I know you will soon.

I need to take some time away now. I will be back in due course.


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