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I'm going to be somewhat occupied this week - I'll be working on a full review of the after-action reports and so forth from last week's incident. I think we're well-advised to take this as a case study; it raised a lot of issues, and my aim is to get a plan together to address them one by one.

Also, I think we need to start running more training exercises in rougher climates than the Danger Room can reproduce. The Blackbird allows us a fair amount of flexibility on that score, so I'll investigate some options and get back to you all about that.
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Although I've already discussed this with Alison and mentioned it to Charles, I thought I should let the rest of you know. I'm leaving today, as are Anika, Mick, and Tim. Anika and Mick are returning to Berlin; Tim and I are heading to MacInnis' new base of operations in Spain. He'll be staying there, if all goes well, to train MacInnis' ex-second-gens. This should also hopefully give us a bit more of an edge in dealing with MacInnis.

I've set up regular check-ins with Alison and a psionic safety measure; I'm not anticipating any trouble, but this is MacInnis and I trust him as far as... I don't trust him at all. I'll do as much information-gathering as I can while I'm over there, since I really doubt he told us everything. Planning to be back by next week, but I'll keep Alison updated on that score.

And yes, I am insane. No need to reiterate that to me, especially since I'm out the door as soon as I hit send.
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My apologies if this journal is not the place for such discussion, but it seemed to me that the subject of today's events is not yet one for the general population of the school.

I am . . . I do not think "troubled" is the word . . . but this Mistra group makes me thoughtful; the more that I learn of them, the more I come to believe that they are . . . something my home might have been, or might have become under less wise a guiding hand than Zz'ria's. We, too, took in children, the abandoned and the orphaned, and trained them to fight in a conflict outside the knowledge of common humanity; once, what seems very long ago, I was such a child. We, too, had strict rules and rigid discipline, and it might be said that we, too, were indoctrinated in our beliefs.

There were differences, of course; we retained our freedom of choice, and those who found the life of the monastery too harsh or restrictive were allowed to leave. But it is the similarities that I see tonight. I fought a man today who might well have been myself, in a different life; and although his soul is darkened, his mind shackled, there was yet that in him which yearned for better things, which regretted the path he had been made to walk. There was a desperation in his fighting that was not, I think, solely due to finding himself overmatched.

I . . . am not sure what to think about this; perhaps it would be best if I spoke to Nathan, when he wakes and is ready to do so. But I begin to feel a responsibility, not only to the children in need of rescue, but also the adults, who but for a chance turning of the Circle I might have called my brothers and sisters.

All right.

Feb. 8th, 2005 01:31 pm
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We've got three hours, maybe, before the Blackbird gets back here. They have probably a dozen wounded aboard, some serious.

I need everyone ready to help get them off the plane and to the medlab as soon as it touches down. Moira's coordinating in the medlab - I had Clarice get her back over here.
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Departure is ASAP.

We're retrieving several children and a team led by MacInnis. There is, at this time, no sign of pursuit from Mistra. They have a member of the team currently keeping some of the local weather on the active side to grant them extra cover, just in case.

Jetstream is prepping the Blackbird now and Cable will be joining us for this as well.

Beast, you're in. Nab Madelyn as well, you're going to need the back up. We're looking at bringing back six kids (they were en route to a Mistra conditioning facility and are likely to have been sedated to be kept quiet) as well as the team that retrieved them. Injuries among the adults range from severe to light, no known status on the kids other than no serious emergencies. If you need help transporting medical supplies to the Blackbird, nab whoever you need.

Nightcrawler - Storm is letting me nab you for this, in case of emergency teleport needs. You'll be part of the team.

Kylun - we're looking at winter and blizzard like weather. We'll be needing your particular talents and knowledge for this sort of situation on this one.


Feb. 3rd, 2005 01:33 am
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We're back from the meeting with MacInnis. No surprises of the violent and/or explosive sort. Plenty of surprises of the informative sort. A few too many, I think.

Alison is going to submit her own report for the team files; I'll do one of my own, too. But not tonight. Tomorrow. I need a little time before I can manage to be properly analytical again.

There is so much more to this, and him, than I ever expected.


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