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The trip to stop the slavers was somewhat more eventful than expected, though we emerged with no casualties and plus some number of contacts. When we arrived in the Blackbird, we discovered that another ship was also pursuing the initial ship. A fight broke out and the full team deployed to stop the conflict. The crew of second ship aided us in rescuing the children. Forge, Roulette, Nightcrawler and I went after a few runaway slavers.

Cyclops, Phoenix, Rogue and Chupacabra remained behind with the second ship. I'll leave that part of the report to Cyclops. There were some unexpected complications.

We stopped briefly in Madripoor before taking the children back to Sri Lanka.

Also, Rogue has a monkey.
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Terry is not actually screaming and running around in her uniform because we're being invaded. There's nothing wrong, her uniform's just the 'wrong' color.

I'll be over here laughing at her.
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... given that they're still almost certainly recovering from last night's celebration, I still figured a preemptive strike on the issue might be... well, funny.

Since they're both now graduates of this fine institution, Terry and Clarice are both now officially X-Men trainees. So let's roll out the red carpet and dub them with appalling nicknames before they wake up and can defend themselves, shall we?


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