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Since both our fearless leaders are somewhat out of it due to borking themselves, and the other full team guy is busy depleting Wakanda's supply of aspirin, I'm posting the mission report.


1. Things are no longer blowing up in Wakanda, we thankfully have averted a full-blown international crisis. Somehow.
2. SHIELD's come to pick up the kids, and Saidullayev (who we knocked into a coma)
3. Trask and her little sidekick whatsherface, Amber, pulled a Snidely Whiplash and got away.
4. We'll be flying back this afternoon. Hopefully after Nate and Jean quit freaking me out and Marius finishes destroying his liver with painkillers. On a bright note, Zanne and Alex performed awesomely and are assisting me in clean up.
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Right - because I have a sixth sense about these things.

Wakanda didn't go quite as planned, as those of you who were paying particularly close attention to the international newsfeeds for the last 24 hours might have noticed. Amazingly, all our people are mostly intact, and managed to accomplish the mission despite the whole 'sudden minor war' issue.

More details in the morning, most likely. Right now I have to call SHIELD. There are some prisoners in Wakanda who need taking into custody, both protective and... not.
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We've got details on what's going on regarding that Taygetos information retrieved from the Hellfire Club last night. Jennie, Marius, Suzanne, Alex - if you could meet the rest of us down here in the Situation Room, I'd appreciate it. If we're going to try and address this situation, we have to do it strategically. Given the situation here, there could be other crises demanding our attention at any given moment.
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... to the earlier question of what precisely we should be doing about the info from Callery. I've asked Emma to get me into said function - between the two of us, we should be able to get our hands on whatever Shaw's hoping to receive.

I've promised her I'll behave, and even if Shaw is holding a grudge about the last time, I doubt he's going to do anything questionable to the White Queen's date.
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Not about our missing people, unfortunately. But I heard from Peter Lakatos in Budapest this morning - he wanted to pass along some information Callery managed to pass to him. He's really sticking to his word re the information-sharing, I will note. He told me that at some Hellfire Club function tomorrow night, Sebastian Shaw is going to be receiving information from the people running the Taygetos program. I gather the hard drive Trask took from that facility in Alaska gave her and Shaw a way to initiate communication.

Callery couldn't tell Lakatos what the information was - sounds like Trask's still suspicious of her, can't imagine why - but I don't think it can be a good thing that a relationship, of whatever kind, is developing there. And that's all she had. I guess Shaw and Trask haven't actually managed to identify who they're dealing with yet - the Taygetos backers are setting the terms of communication.

I'm not sure what, if anything, we should be doing about this.


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