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I should have posted this earlier but I've been very busy for the past day. The Hand resurfaced and abducted a business colleague to use in some ritual, probably to summon Kemono again like they did in February. He's a mutant, and they wanted to use his strength as part of their spell. I suppose they haven't slaughtered enough innocent mutants. Wanda Maximoff and La Blue Girl Amanda Sefton, who were in Japan on their own business (which happened to be related), helped me rescue him. He has recovered and while I extended an offer to come to the Institute, he declined. It is a shame, really. He would have been an excellent asset to the X-Men.

Formal report to be uploaded shortly.
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Sorry for the delay. I decided to spend an extra day in Japan to make sure there were no further complications. In short, the murders were committed by The Hand, who had discovered the locations of three sacred treasures and hoped to use them to summon a demon. We stopped them. Someone who trusted us to protect them died.

I think I am going to go meditate under my tree. I will bring my fire extinguishers with me.
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I think that Asgard may be on the move. Last week, Amora the Enchantress herself abducted me on behalf of Baron Zemo. Today, I was attacked by a group of Asgardian-speaking retards who proved embarrassingly incompetent. They didn't say whom they represented, but they seemed fearful of it when I told them to return empty-handed. After last week, it seems odd that Amora would send these boobs on her behalf, but on the other hand if she is just sending mortals to do her work, then her picking of servants may be limited. And this does not strike me as something that the Norns would do, and honestly I do not even know if these events are related. But I do not believe in coincidence.


Dec. 19th, 2006 10:39 am
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Even though I am still technically on leave, I am uploading a report detailing what happened in Hawaii, specifically about Pele and Alex, who filled me in on the details. I'm going to stay here with him and his roommate for a couple of days to help them pack. We will be back on Thursday.

On a less formal note, the grass skirt is not very fetching on him. But I did manage to take a picture of it with my phone once we returned to Red X, and it will go to the highest bidder.

Attached: redx_pele12182006.doc

re: Kick

Aug. 31st, 2006 06:00 pm
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A full report will be uploaded to the database this evening.
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Clarice and I were watching Leyu, Artie, and Karolina fly their kites when two individuals approached us and tried to abduct the children. A big guy in body armor attacked and tried to distract me (he was very strong) while what appeared to be an old woman riding a wheel chair with tank treads went for the children. Clarice teleported them back here while I tried to take care of the big guy.

He almost disabled me with a punch, and Clarice and I managed to switch, so she took him on while the old lady tried to poison me with some yellow gas. Clarice disabled the man with a kick to the groin, and the gas had no effect on me, so then they fell back. We would have pursued had we had the authority. (And I apparently felt the need to get one of Dr. Voght's thorough lectures about not getting hit in the face or inhaling strange vapors. I'm a closet masochist.)

I'm in the medlab now. I'll bruise, but I'll be fine. Voght is checking to make sure that the gas was in fact harmless. I'll fill out a more concise report once I'm cleared and have had the opportunity to make sure that the kids are well.

And really? After my week, I should have known this would happen. Colbert, why didn't you warn me?
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I hate ninja. So so much.

Clarice and I encountered three from The Hand. Check the Kwannon files for more information about them. We managed to take them down, and they told us that they thought we were Yakuza spies. So she and I grabbed our things and teleported back here. They have no reason to follow us back here, since we didn't do anything except bump into them, but I'll be looking over my shoulder a lot more for the next few months.

Why does Japan hate me?
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I suppose that this has already been considered, but I want to ask anyway, if for no other reason than to provide myself with the forum to voice my thoughts.

Where was Magneto last week? If I were a megalomaniacal mad evil genius, then I would use such an opportunity to launch a strike against my enemies. My first answer is that the riot was too sudden and he couldn't get there in time to further fan the flames of chaos. But he's no fool, and I would expect him to have anticipated such anarchy, so he'd have arrived in Seattle before our field trip did. Though maybe he was just working behind the scenes, aggravating and enticing people to riot, rather than making an explicit appearance himself.

So where was he?
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Forge raises an interesting point. What is being done about the Friends of Humanity? What are we doing?
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Whose idea was it to build the basketball court as cover for the jet? Shouldn't they have chosen something a little less obvious?

That said, which mutant mastermind are we making trouble for this weekend?
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One more trainee for the roster - Shiro will be joining us as of tomorrow. He'll be doing the preliminary reading for the next couple of weeks, of course, which should give me time to rework the training schedule. We won't feel the pinch until the newest batch of trainees get into the Danger Room, of course, but it's liable to start becoming quite noticeable then. I don't want to overload anyone with scenario design or supervision responsibilities, so we're going to have to do some juggling.

COs and XOs, we need to sit down and have one of those strategizing conversations. Tomorrow at 8am sound all right to you all?


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