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I hate having to be a downer, but I'd rather get the 'not so great' news out early so I don't gotta dwell on it. Cyclops knows this already, I'm pretty sure that Zanne (oh, b-t-w, you really need a trainee name or a code name or something.) does too, Discharge might also, I'm not sure how much she saw.

Wow, I'm not sure how to say this, because the whole thing sucks.

Okay, so Sabretooth was working with SHIELD - don't ask me why I'm not sure I get it, he had some kind of bomb-collar-muzzle thing strapped to him. It blew up in the middle of us fighting War, and ... well, the guy took most of the explosion - at the time I thought it was some kind of weird 'so I could deal with War' thing, which doesn't make sense now but I was kinda busy at the time so I wasn't thinking about it -

But he got away - I have no idea how the hell he survived, because seriously, from like, nose to chest he was blowed up pretty good, but by the time War was knocked out, he was gone. Like really gone - collar on the ground, blood everywhere, no sign of him at all, and nothing I could smell because of all the blood and other crap.

I am, you know, as they say, pretty goddamn not happy about that. I already had to admit to the guy that he can kick my ass any time he wants, I don't really want to think about him out there thinking about if he wants to or not.
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It's not a really good plan, because we have far too many objectives to accomplish, and not nearly enough manpower or time. But we have to do our best, because if we can't resolve this situation the US government is going to bomb the island of Manhattan in 72 hours.

Check the database for specific assignments (you'll have individual briefings, too), but this is the basic outline:

Alpha - we have to regain control of and disarm a neutron bomb. Don't ask; I'll brief the people I'm taking with me, but suffice to say, it was an attempted failsafe that went wrong.

Bravo - obviously, we need to take a crack at that Citadel structure. Rogue will be leading that team, and I've assigned a number of our heavy hitters to it. Part of this team's job is going to be distracting Apocalypse's 'Horsemen' so the rest of us can get our jobs done.

Charlie - We need to get control over the city power grid back. It's complicated, for reasons you'll hear about at your individual briefing.

Delta - search and rescue. There are a lot of people still trapped on that island, especially after the bridge went down. You'll have RedX people along with you.

Echo - this will be our command and control team, in Central Park. They'll coordinate and reinforce any of the teams who need it.

Foxtrot - will link up with local law enforcement.

We'll be going in tonight, under cover of darkness. Getting into the city is going to be tricky; more details at the individual briefings. Just to give you all a heads-up, I've taken volunteers from Snow Valley and here. They'll be at the briefings as well; we'll talk more about how to integrate them into the operation then.
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I can wait no longer. I am going to the city to find my sister and the other girls.

Please tell Dr. Samson I will look for his sister as well while I am there.
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Forge knows cause I talked to him, but the perimeter alert was Angel's dad. He evac'd out of New York and came here hoping Angel had managed to come home. I sent him down to see the docs, because he's already got a bum leg and he's pretty banged up, and I'm gonna go setup one of the guest rooms for him, cause it's not like the guy can go home.

He's probably gonna want to talk to someone Not Me about Angel though. He doesn't seem pissed, but he's worried as hell, and I wasn't gonna lie to the guy.
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We don't know what we're going to need to do yet, or how to do it, but I want you all sticking close and staying ready. When we move - and yeah, I'm assuming it's when, not if - we're going to want to do it as quickly as possible. I just don't want us jumping in there until we understand what's happening a little better. Plus we need to find out where the kids are.


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