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Relaying from Cyclops - there's been an assassination attempt on the Hungarian Prime Minister. He says that there were fatalities, but they're okay and the Prime Minister's okay and getting medical attention.

I suppose we're all on alert now - anyone checked in with Cable and Phoenix?
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My part of the takedown's written up and filed, including the sworn statement to the FBI. Looks like the last we'll see of that psycho for a while, when he eventually wakes up from being flung like a rock in a slingshot. Good work there, Sam.

Next time I say we pick somewhere where we can actually land the Blackbird. This "driving to the mission" idea is highly overrated. Or at least take something with more legroom.
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Relaying from the comms desk - incoming text message from Vision:


I raised her on her comm, she's nervous but in control. Says Lexicon got jumped by apparently whoever caught the kids the other night. Something about his hands. Sending location information to team leaders' comms.
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Was there some alert or something that I must not have heard? I thought I heard the jet leave this morning, and then it just got back in - there some emergency no one thought to mention?
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This morning, Cable and I were in New York to meet with GW Bridge. Somehow Gideon Faraday got to him first, did something to his brain, and by the time Cable and I reached him, he was dead.

Bridge is dead. There, maybe it'll sink in now.
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Field response team: Dazzler (CO), Cable, Juggernaut, Kylun
On-site trainee: Jubilation Lee (off-duty, incapacitated)

In short: Entered Hellfire Club New York address. Encountered minor
resistance without incident. Team became separated shortly after
entry. Kylun kept security systems offline while Cable engaged Shaw,
Dazzler engaged Selene. Wisdom provided assistance with incapacitating
Selene. Brought Selene offsite with assistance of Juggernaut, enlisted
aid of Stephen Strange and Romany Wisdom to ensure removal of Selene

In detail: I'm still trying to cope with Wisdom being deep cover for
an entire year, but Cable made the link between all of us there, and
I'll vouch for him doing his part to take the witch down. Amanda's as
okay as she's going to be, Jubilee and Dazzler had their cursory
medlab checkups and were released. Pete took Amanda, said he'd make
contact when issues were resolved. Cable's post-mission checkup has
been turned over to Moira and Chuck.

Jubilee's fine from firsthand observation. Talked a mile a minute in
the car on the way back. Alison took a big hit from Selene, but Amanda
fixed her up. Nate - I ain't seen him this intense since Youra. Call
it a hunch, he's going to need some distance. Pete - an entire year
with the Hellfire Club. Their damn White King. Just to take them down
from the inside and nail Selene. Can't say I envy him, but it took

All in all - no casualties. Good outing.
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Well, chalk up a learning experience that invulnerability does not equal immunity to air sickness. Need restocking on the Blackbird's barf bags.

Any update on Little Miss Explosive? I hate to say it, but she wasn't looking too good when we dropped her off in the hospital.
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If anyone has any bright ideas for how to get past the fucking quicksand section of Fearless Leader's latest drill, please see me.

That is all.


Goddamn quicksand.

Ha ha.

Apr. 4th, 2005 11:52 am
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Okay, I understand the little hazing bit of giving team members in trainee status silly codenames, but "Hydrant"? It's because of the jacket, isn't it? The stupid grey one keeps ripping, so I grabbed the red windbreaker. Makes more sense, I tell you. Not like I can really be sneaky and subtle anyway.

Hydrant. I swear you people think you're all comedians.
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We'll be adding another trainee to the roster as of today. Hank, you might want to dig up that extra you-sized locker. I'll take care of the 'C. Marko' nameplate.

I expect everyone to do their best to make Cain feel welcome - the other trainees especially, as the three of you will probably be working very closely with him.


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