Jul. 7th, 2009 02:10 pm
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Can I vote that Forge and Kyle do all the mission reports from now on?
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Since both our fearless leaders are somewhat out of it due to borking themselves, and the other full team guy is busy depleting Wakanda's supply of aspirin, I'm posting the mission report.


1. Things are no longer blowing up in Wakanda, we thankfully have averted a full-blown international crisis. Somehow.
2. SHIELD's come to pick up the kids, and Saidullayev (who we knocked into a coma)
3. Trask and her little sidekick whatsherface, Amber, pulled a Snidely Whiplash and got away.
4. We'll be flying back this afternoon. Hopefully after Nate and Jean quit freaking me out and Marius finishes destroying his liver with painkillers. On a bright note, Zanne and Alex performed awesomely and are assisting me in clean up.
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Okay. That DR program was messed up. Especially the creepy robotic voice that kept encouraging me while trying to kill me with flamethrowers, and the flamethrowers that apologized after I broke them.

And there was no damn cake, either.

I am deeply chagrined.
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Does anyone know what's up with Forge? He totally didn't make his DR session today, and it was his first one back.
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I would like to welcome the newest full-fledged member of the team to the boards: Jennie Stavros has accepted her tabs and will be on the roster henceforth as an X-Man. I will leave it to her to announce her codename (though I am sure suggestions would not go amiss). Congratulations again, Jennie.
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Okay, so.

Yesterday Wanda and I were ambushed and gassed by two guys pretending to be mimes. Yes. Mimes.

When we woke up, we were in an abandoned train station near the warehouse district, with a bunch of other tied up probability manipualtors. With Domino. And these guys who had us called themselves The Exemplars. The one in charge said his name was Tran. Something something Tran. Doesn't help, I know. But I heard three other names. Covington, Ruprecht and Emiliano. I've written up descriptions in the database. And they don't ping on my probability-dar. Or on Wanda's either. Anyway, they wanted to remove our powers "for the greater good". Only, they severely miscalculated and learned the hard way why you don't put a bunch of probability manipulators together. Unfortunately, after the train station went boom they did a snidely whiplash and got away.

Men suck. That's all I have to say.
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muahahaha. i brought my laptop for teh solitare for the planeride. i am a smrt bunny. also <3<3<3 vicodin.

we found him. he's alive. as are 2 cosmonauts and some big ugly scaly bat thing. the red one, not the grey one. the grey bat thing's Marius. don't ask. he's fine too. he ate all of the mre's on the plane, but he was nice and let me have all the candy bars. crazy man escaped. after i hit crazy man with the plane. someone else can explain hitting crazy man with the plane to fearless leader when he wakes up.

it's technically my birthday for the next 2 days. i am very bruised. i demand a large cake.
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What with the events of the last few weeks, certain small niceties have dropped by the wayside. Understandable, but a shame, and I may be heading out of town shortly, but I wanted to rectify the lapse before I did.

We have a number of new trainees to welcome aboard. Marius, Jennie, Kyle, Janet, and Forge will be working with us. I'm sure you'll all make yourselves available to answer any questions they may have, and as training partners when I do get a new rotation drawn up.

For our new trainees - you now have full access to the database, including all of the training material and past missions. I'd suggest reading everything you can get your hands on, for a better understanding of what we do around here. One note, though - it's not kind to mock the follies of your elders. Some of us have heard all too many jokes about quicksand and coatracks and the like.

And on that note... trainee names, anyone?


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