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Or at least let the security system do the watching for us, tonight.

I'm going to go watch my brother hug his roommate to death, I think. Maybe do some random hugging myself.

Anyone want to bet how long it takes Paige to remind me that she's technically eighteen now?
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It is still Monday, right?

Shit, I've just looked at the clock.

Chucking this up here rather than emailing everyone - it's faster, and I think I need to go and sleep fairly urgently.

Things to know:

Iceland: Belated, I know, but I was waiting to hear back about a couple of things. Not a lot to add beyond what Strange and Romany have been able to tell us. You might be amused to note hear that among the things I turned up in the aftermath was a report written by some little fuck recommending declaring all the Firefountain enhancees national assets of Iceland, and basically drafting them. Stupid bastard didn't realise that his immediate superior's daughter is a mutant, and the guy didn't like the precedent, so the paper-pusher is now a toilet cleaner. Either way, I don't think we need worry too much about anything biting us on the arse there - there're people over there who'd love to re-activate it under more controlled conditions, but since all the experts say that that's impossible, I think we're safe enough.

Mistra: Dom and Culley are away. Dom's checked in a couple of times - nothing yet, but sooner or later she's bound to turn up something. I've head from Culley once, but I'm not expecting him to call in again for a while - I want him to stay as off the radar as possible. Slower, but safer. First place he was checking looks like they cleared out in a bit of a hurry though, which is interesting.

Disappearing children: it turns out that I'm not good at feeling completely fucking useless, and have been largely compensating by looking for things I can do, hence locking myself away and working on other things, except when Romany makes me eat. Is there anyone nearby that needs a serious beating? That'd really help my mood.

I sleep now. Wake me if, I dunno, aliens invade or something.
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No further trouble during the night, but I'm not ready to stand us down just yet. Anyone who did more than one shift last night, inside or outside, get a few hours sleep. Even if you don't think you need it. Anyone who doesn't fit into that category, meet me on the back porch as soon as you see this.
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Since Polaris and Psylocke are managing what's needed inside, I need people to walk the perimeter tonight. Three shifts - Cable and I will take the first, but I need two pairs for the other two.


Aug. 4th, 2004 10:31 pm
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We have completed comprehensive searches of the grounds and the surrounding area. So far, we've managed to discern that all the students and staff, attending this afternoon's improptu softball game, were taken. Many students within the school reported seeing a flash of light from the baseball diamond. At this present time, we do not know the location of the missing. We do have a complied list of the missing students and staff, so far.

They are as follows:

Alison Blaire
Miles Blaire
Marie-Ange Colbert
Angelo Espinosa
Paige Guthrie
Jubilation Lee.
Jamie Madrox
Doug Ramsey
Illyana Rasputin
Manuel de la Rocha
Amanda Sefton
Rahne Sinclair
Warren K. Worthington, III
Shiro Yoshida

Also, there has been no sign of Amanda's iguana, Frank. I am unsure if he was with her at the game. I ask that the staff be aware that he may be wandering about the school.

If there are changes to this list, the information will be updated. For now, there are still students we have to protect. Those who wish to volunteer for the start of security rounds tonight, report to the staff lounge at 11 p.m. sharp.


Aug. 4th, 2004 07:16 pm
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Jetstream and Cannonball are already doing an aerial sweep. Northstar, if you could join them?

I want everyone else either in the house with the remaining kids or walking the perimeter. In pairs, if you're outside. Anything unusual, call in immediately.


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