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For any of you who're so inclined, got some tape for you all to review.

Wolverine and Wildchild.

Have fun. Was a good scrap.

Open call

Oct. 9th, 2009 05:08 am
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I can only train against remotes, drones, and myself so often.

Any of you want to step onto the mat - or the Danger Room, if you think you need the edge - and give me a workout, this is your big chance to take the Old Man down.

Only rule is that we keep Medical out of things. Nonlethal, boys and girls. And yes, this means no claws on soft targets for me.

Anyone interested?

We got a lot of dangerous folks. Folks who bench-press city buses. Folks who fly, folks who are ultra-sharp and pointy, folks who can send your body-party to Camp Permafrost, folks who shrug off arty. We got teleporters, we got ferals, we got bricks and flyers and every other damned thing.

Show me what you got.

I can take it.
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Logan and Marie make holiday plans. Logan aids and abets in making sure Marie has something resembling a life.

And, of course, there's no chance the two of you might want to ... get away, for a bit? Maybe go out, even? )
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Gonna go hit the road for a bit.

Something's not right. Very not-right.
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Anyone got any good means for getting blood off a rental tux?
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We're back, as I'm sure you've all noticed. That went exceptionally well, people. It was good for me. Was it good for anyone else?

Logan seems to be about the same as always, aside from a serious case of dehydration, sleep deprivation, and hunger. He's pretty delirious at the moment and I think we can all agree that he's not making much sense, so we'll wait until he's feeling a bit more himself to take him seriously. Right? Right.

We're going to be careful with him as we can't seem to get him to retract his claws. Anyone dealing with him is going to have to work around that, he cuts IV lines like nobody's business. He's also not aware some of the time whether they're out or in.

From me, personally, to everyone who went or helped, thank you. It's good to have him back... even if he is a bit addled at the moment. I'm sure it'll pass. No wisecracks.

New Mission

Dec. 1st, 2003 11:56 pm
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Rescue Team

Kurt, Warren, and Lorna, departure is in twenty minutes. Please report to the Blackbird immediately. Full mission debriefing will be given on route.

We all know what's at stake and I have every faith in your abilities.

It's about time we brought our boy home.
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I have potentially excellent news. Pete has learned through his intelligence contacts that Logan is alive. He is being held captive in Syria, most likely for "research" purposes; we have the location of the lab in which he is being held, and estimates on the number and armament of his captors.

Ororo, I know the team is currently shorthanded, and I'm sorry. I'm sure no force on this earth could prevent Marie from going along on this mission, and Warren and Kurt are both free, but I would like to keep Alison, Piotr, and the others who went to Mississippi here, to give them a chance to recuperate from the stress; and while Bobby and Elisabeth are recovering, I need Hank to take care of them. I know this puts a great deal of strain on you, but I don't think we can wait until more people have recovered; God only knows what they're doing to him over there.

I've posted the data Pete sent me to the secure filespace and uploaded a copy to the Blackbird's computer; please let me know when you can be ready to leave.


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