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Field response team: Dazzler (CO), Cable, Juggernaut, Kylun
On-site trainee: Jubilation Lee (off-duty, incapacitated)

In short: Entered Hellfire Club New York address. Encountered minor
resistance without incident. Team became separated shortly after
entry. Kylun kept security systems offline while Cable engaged Shaw,
Dazzler engaged Selene. Wisdom provided assistance with incapacitating
Selene. Brought Selene offsite with assistance of Juggernaut, enlisted
aid of Stephen Strange and Romany Wisdom to ensure removal of Selene

In detail: I'm still trying to cope with Wisdom being deep cover for
an entire year, but Cable made the link between all of us there, and
I'll vouch for him doing his part to take the witch down. Amanda's as
okay as she's going to be, Jubilee and Dazzler had their cursory
medlab checkups and were released. Pete took Amanda, said he'd make
contact when issues were resolved. Cable's post-mission checkup has
been turned over to Moira and Chuck.

Jubilee's fine from firsthand observation. Talked a mile a minute in
the car on the way back. Alison took a big hit from Selene, but Amanda
fixed her up. Nate - I ain't seen him this intense since Youra. Call
it a hunch, he's going to need some distance. Pete - an entire year
with the Hellfire Club. Their damn White King. Just to take them down
from the inside and nail Selene. Can't say I envy him, but it took

All in all - no casualties. Good outing.
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I'm at Charles de Gaulle International. I should be home in ten hours or so. Hopefully I can get some sleep on the way.

Jake has been going through the information I stole from LAX. The friend that Alex talked about Lorna meeting doesn't exist. We ran a comprehensive scan through all of the databases, and can say for sure that the woman never flew out of LAX. We ran the description against the security records and found one image of her. It matches a woman that Lorna attended high school with, but we pulled credit card purchases from the name for the same day which put her impossibly far from the airport. All the way to Georgia far.

The woman would have had to have been a plant of some kind. I have my own theories, but they can wait for the moment.

Betts, I need you to run down the lead at Cape Canaveral. I doubt we'll get any footage, but see if you can find any remaining leads.
Unfortunately, that's the good news.

The bad news is that a chunk of our Southeast Asian net just went dead. Literally. I'm back out there in a day or so again to see what I can find out on the ground. Someone is making a concerted attack on our intelligence structure, and killing our agents in the process. I know some of you have agents and intelligence running on your own. For the time being, keep it away from the mansion. We've been compromised, although to what extent we can't be sure. We're moving the analysis files and backups out of the main network and on to a cold system that Kuk has physically isolated from the rest of the mainframe. It's slower and less powerful, but it's the only way we can be sure that the leak isn't coming internally.
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Huh. Got a hand delivered invitation earlier. Looks like I've been invited to meet up with one Mr. H Leland of the Hellfire Club. Tonight.

Before anyone panics, the card mentions my father's name and something about settling an administrative matter, so I'm guessing this is part of the social functions of the Club more than anything else. And it's not at the Club itself, the address listed seems to be a private office sort of thing.

I'm just not about to run off there without telling someone. And I'll have my comm with me, as usual.

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[Filtered - X-Men only]

Aim: Protective detail for Alphonso de la Rocha.
Threat: Pete Wisdom
Location: To be disclosed to team members participating in this mission only.
Time: Saturday, possibly lasting through into the week.
Note: This mission is volunteers only.

Please confirm your wish to participate in this mission by Friday night, at the latest.
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(Filtered excluding trainees)

You'll notice I've moved us up to a heightened state of alert. This isn't a lockdown and won't be unless we get information on specific threats, but we need to be aware that Wisdom's activities might cause such threats to materialize.

Alphonso de la Rocha has been warned about the threat to his life; there was some disagreement, primarily from Remy, as to whether or not that was the appropriate course of action. But the decision was made that the safety of the school required distancing ourselves from Pete's actions.

The answer to the question of where we go from here is still being decided. We'll know as soon as Charles does. Copies of the file that Pete took when he knocked me out are available in the database for you all to read.


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