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I suppose that this has already been considered, but I want to ask anyway, if for no other reason than to provide myself with the forum to voice my thoughts.

Where was Magneto last week? If I were a megalomaniacal mad evil genius, then I would use such an opportunity to launch a strike against my enemies. My first answer is that the riot was too sudden and he couldn't get there in time to further fan the flames of chaos. But he's no fool, and I would expect him to have anticipated such anarchy, so he'd have arrived in Seattle before our field trip did. Though maybe he was just working behind the scenes, aggravating and enticing people to riot, rather than making an explicit appearance himself.

So where was he?

All Call.

Nov. 1st, 2005 09:07 pm
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I want every team member and every trainee in the mansion suited up to go and in the Situation Room in thirty minutes. We've received a Presidential request to fly into Seattle and help with riot-control efforts. The Seattle police aren't equipped to handle mutants, and there are a large but indeterminate number involved in the rioting. The National Guard should be deploying around the same time that we get there.

We'll do the briefing here, and leave immediately afterwards. The team members and trainees already in Seattle will be meeting us at the airfield.


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