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Anyone got any good means for getting blood off a rental tux?
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Once Charles knew precisely where to look for Jean, he didn't have any trouble at all finding her at the Hellfire Club. He managed to do some discreet scanning, and it's... worse and better than we thought.

It is her. I knew it was. But something's happened. Charles thinks there was outside interference that helped it along, but when it comes to Jean herself, there's a part of her that's in control and a part of her that's not. The first part doesn't consider herself to be Jean. She thinks she's Jane - the name Jean was using while she was in Canada, when she had amnesia? A lot of things she's said to me and to others makes sense now.

There's a Hellfire function on Saturday night. Shaw is sending us invitations. We're going to walk in there - myself, Ororo, Kurt, Sam, and Logan, that is - and get her. It's that simple. The op plan is in your mailboxes.

Also, I'm telling the kids. All of it. Shaw promised to keep her busy the next couple of days at the club, but I don't want to take any chances. Nor am I particularly concerned about mission security.
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But has anyone seen Scott recently? I spoke with him this morning, but have not seen or heard from him since then. I have checked the garage and his bike is not there...

I am probably worrying for no reason. Please feel free to remind me he had a meeting in the city today and quietly shake your head at me.
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I was out last night and ran into some trouble. Only got back... six hours or so ago, I think. My head wasn't really clear at the time.

Basically I've got a hole where last night ought to be. There were false memories covering it but Charles took care of them. Someone went in and made me remember something else and we don't know why because whatever really happened is gone. There's no sign that they took or changed anything else but obviously this is a security breach, so Lee's resetting all my accesses.

I'm sorry about this. I didn't go out last night intending for anything like this to happen and I'm not sure how it did. Charles is going to help me try and figure out what I can but I'm supposed to get some rest first.


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