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I've attached a longer document of what happened last week, filled with things like locations and descriptions of areas, but I'll do a shorter mission report here.

Last week, I went to New Delhi for a vacation. I ran into Dr. Stephen Strange being, what I thought, mugged by a group of thieves. It turned out they were cultists and were after a mantra that he had in his possession. He was taking it to a friend to be destroyed but they'd gotten to him first.

We were pursued from there to Nepal, where we were heading to a monestary where some monks would be able to destroy the mantra, and at that point I was drugged and taken hostage. After throwing Stephen from a car since if he fell into their hands...

I managed to free myself (cultists apparently aren't doctors and don't do the drug dosage correctly) but ran into Betsy Braddock and Amanda Sefton (whom Stephen had contacted earlier) who were there to rescue me. On the way out, I collapsed the entrance to the hide out they were in and it looked like they fled since we'd found out their location but I've put it down in the longer report.

The mantra has been destroyed, no worries there, when we finally made it to the monks.
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Blackbird has landed, safely. We're all back, safe.

And are currently nudging the walking wounded into MedLab.
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My hatred of the sticky glue traps knows no bounds. None. None at all.

Especially the sticky glue traps in the damned pit!

At night!

Damn you, Summers!
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I find myself realizing that what I brought with me is really not enough. Of course, what I packed initially was only supposed to last a few weeks, little longer, at the most. I need to go back to London for the weekend.

I have made the decision to stay here, at least for a while, and I need to close up my apartment and pack my belongings. The scholars at Cambridge have already agreed to switch my assigments to something I can work on here as long as I make the occasional trip overseas to do a lecture.

But I'm kicking myself. The _last_ time I went on a plan trip, I was kidnapped. To say that I'm a little...oh, what's the word? 'Antsy' is putting it lightly. Would someone mind terribly coming with me?


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