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The Bureau and the US Marshals are about finished with SHIELD on the final investigation on the prison break. It's not exactly a cheerful summary. In short, it is the largest and most successful mass escape of the last fifty years of US Correctional history, and most of the worst of the escapees are dangerous mutant terrorists. Just wait until CBS, CNN and Fox catch up with the real numbers on this. It's not going to be a pretty reaction.

Looks like the key to the break-out was someone providing an inhaler of Kick to a prisoner inside, who passed it along to Infectia. They had taken precautions against her powers, but with Kick in her system, they might as well have not bothered. The 'Anti-Bodies' she infected, according to Dr.McCoy, manifested in the midst of the prison transfer, throwing the prison into chaos, and causing the multiple bus crashes and escapes. Infectia was smart enough to know that being on the lead bus gave her the best chance at escape. We don't have exact numbers yet, but at least twenty guards and correctional employees were killed in the incident.

Here's the really depressing part. For ease, I'm going to use their profile names from our own files, even if I'm stuck sounding like an idiot refering to a guy as 'Hairbag'. According to the Marshal's office, we and other agents recaptured eighty-five escapees, notable ones including:
Arlee Hicks
Lexa Pierce
Mad Dog
The Corruptor

Both Masque and Adam Kane remained at the prison for their own reasons and never escaped custody. Wildside was killed while resisting recapture. The incident is detailed in the post-mission report.

Now comes the bad part. Well over a hundred inmates remain at large. SHIELD and the US Marshal's are conducting massive manhunts across a two hundred mile radius, so likely better than half will be recaptured in the next few weeks. However, those with resources have a better than average chance of evading capture, and once outside of that zone, it's going to be up to the FBI to find them. Noted terrorists who escaped include:
Brennan Mulwray
Shalimar Fox
Jesse Kilmartin

We have to assume that Toad and the other Brotherhood will re-connect with Magneto soon enough. Colonel Fury passed along his 'unofficial' thanks for assisting SHIELD, as has DAD Duncan and the US Marshal Service. They'd love to have us involved in the ongoing search, but the risk of discovery is just too high now.
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There has recently been reported a prison riot at a penitentiary in Hazelton, West Virginia - a facility which houses many mutant prisoners. There are also reports of several attempted escapes by prisoners, possibly using the riot as a cover. SHIELD has requested our help in tracking and containing these prisoners while they deal with the riot.

As many volunteers as possible are required for this mission, and a quick response is of utmost importance. Dossiers on all potential escapees are in the Situation Room for anybody who would like to know what we are up against; I would appreciate a prompt reply from any team members who want to help.

Teams will be departing shortly for the prison. Please contact me with any questions or issues as soon as possible.


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