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Amelia and I are keeping Nate and Haller down here for the night for concussion watch. Telepaths and head injuries... Ugh. If anyone would like to keep me company, I will be down here all night, waking them every hour and seeing if Nate can reach hitherto unknown levels of cranky.
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The team that was sent to Derbent has now returned, along with Nathan and Haller, safely. Unfortunately they arrived too late to address the situation for which they were called - namely, Saidullayev's escape from his captors, his subsequent destruction of the city, and Magneto's appearance. Yes, Magneto was there, and left with Saidullayev in his custody, which is why it is of utmost importance that everybody reads the mission report that has been uploaded to the server. There will likely be much more discussion of this later, so please be prepared.

Luckily, Gabrielle was able to help Nathan and Jim out of the situation and the team retrieved them with a minimum of fuss. The city suffered badly from Saidullayev's outburst, though it is doubtful the media will reflect the damage as being caused by such. Any questions can be directed towards Scott or myself - Nathan and Haller are currently in the infirmary under observation and are not available for discussion at this time.
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Juggernaut, Phoenix, Polaris, Quicksilver - the four of you need to ready yourselves and come to the hangar as soon as possible. Nathan and Haller have encountered trouble in Derbent and have requested backup. You will be briefed as the Blackbird is being prepped.


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