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So hey, if this email actually went out, I didn't make it back to stop it. Which probably means I didn't make it at all. I just wrote this to make sure each of you knows what an amazing thing it's been, on this team, as your friend.

Paige, take care of Sam for me, please? Sam, take care of yourself.

Bossman, thank you for being there for me, all these years. I wouldn't have been half the person I am without you.

Being the librarian has been some of the best moments of my life, and if someone would keep an eye on Topaz for me, I'd appreciate it. That crazy kid just seems like she'll get into trouble.

And thank you for being an X-Man with me.
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Ok guys, we can't risk an all out war with the brotherhood here, we have people trapped in the basements and we need to get them out. That's the most important thing.
Nightcrawler, I need you to teleport Meltdown, Wallflower, Bevatron and Dust to the basements. You've got to rescue the staff and patients trapped down there.
Polaris, take Roulette, Ping and Cannonball and find the security centre. We can use the communications systems there to co-ordinate if anything happens to our radios, and you can use the security sytsems to see if ther are any other survivors on the island.
The rest of us are going to have to keep the brotherhood busy. They've had a chance to dig in so we're not gonna take them head on. I'm going to take Dominion, Firestar, Catseye, Wolverine Rogue and Blink in the front. While we distract them, Pheonix, Squirrel girl, Wildchild, and Penance, you're going to sneak around and flank them. When we hold their attention you hit their back line and roll them up. The hammer to our anvil.
Good luck out there, remember watch yourselves, and support your teammates and we'll get through this.


Jan. 13th, 2015 11:00 pm
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I just heard from Marius and John that Muir has come under attack from the Brotherhood of Mutants. All X-men I need you to suit up, I'm stepping up security on the mansion. Get everyone who is off the grounds back and we're locking down, no-one goes in or out, this may be a precursor to an attack here. I'm going to take a team out to Muir to deal with the Brotherhood. Our people there are retreating to the sub-basements and we have to go and get them.

This is an all hand alert, all X-men and trainees are to meet me in  the hanger in 5 minutes to receive their assignments.


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