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And we have returned. The mission report is uploaded to the database, but to sum up: we cooperated with the LAPD to apprehend the Kick gang that Skin encountered. The gang members were able to provide some information about their supplier, which, cross-referenced in our files, brings up some interesting correlations with the mutant club we infiltrated last year.

There are no serious injuries to report, and everyone has returned to New York safely, including several of Skin's acquaintances who were given a ride to the city. Any questions will have to wait until morning, as we are all bound for our beds, I am sure.
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To all team:

I need several volunteers for an excursion to Los Angeles; departure will be as early on Thursday as is manageable. Please respond if you are able to accompany me, and I will give you more details then.

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I have to take off for a while again. Seems like LA's not done with me yet, and I have to go help out with a problem there.

I'm not going alone, and I'll check in at least twice a day while I'm out there. And I promise, if it looks too hot to handle when I get more details, I'll call you guys for help.

I shouldn't be gone that long - this is kind of time-sensitive. So I'll see you soon.


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