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I have spoken with Alex now that he has been checked over by the medteam - he is shaken, but unharmed. As Lorna said earlier, he knows very little about the men who kidnapped him or their purpose. However, I have been unable to reach Scott since Alex arrived, and this coincidence seems too unlikely not to warrant further investigation.

Scott left earlier today for town, intending to purchase a new TV for the rec room. I will be leaving soon to look around his last known location, and if one or two volunteers would like to accompany me, it would be appreciated.

There is no need to panic or start any unfounded rumors; it would be best to handle this methodically and professionally. There is no telling what has happened, or if there is indeed any need for alarm, so please remain calm and stay alert. I will keep you all updated as soon as any new developments arise.


Upon searching the area where Scott was last seen in town, we were able to locate his com and cell phone in a garbage can near the electronics store. With some persuasion we were able to also able to pull the security tapes from the area.

On them we found Scott departing the area with Lyman, a man we believe to be a former associate of Colonel William Stryker. Scott did not seem injured, but nor did he seem to be leaving entirely of his own volition.

It seems quite likely that Scott is now in the possession of the same men who kidnapped Alex earlier. We do not know what they want or where they are, but we are going to find out. There will be a team meeting tonight to discuss what we know and where to go from there. Until then, please keep this quiet. I will inform the rest of the school after a proper plan is formed.
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