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As most of you have already noted, there was an encounter with Sabertooth at the rally in Westchester on Friday. All signs indicate that he was there in an attempt on Graydon Creed's life -- nothing about his behavior or words leads us to believe his target was the school or anyone from it. As such, we have been cooperating with the Secret Service in their efforts to obtain more information on Sabertooth.

Before our departure for Moscow, Scott and I compiled most of the available information in our files so that we could turn it over to the Secret Service. While our files are extensive, they are not exactly organized or formatted in a way that makes them easily accessible to others. We may have contacted some of you already - if this is the case, thank you for your cooperation. I ask that all of you observe the proper discretion in discussing this matter - though you may have a personal history with Sabertooth, there are still certain lines we must be wary of crossing. Specifically, in working with the government we must be careful not to do anything that may be construed as obstructing their investigation or resulting actions.

As a footnote to all this, you may also recall that several students were at the rally and one in particular, Kyle Gibney, was menaced personally by Sabertooth. He and the other students are unharmed, and it is through Kyle's quick thinking that we were able to respond in time in order to save another man's life. This is a rather chilling reminder of the danger our students may face, even when they do not willingly place themselves in its way, and it is also important that they know how to respond to it in a calm and rational manner. Please keep this in mind at all times and do you best to provide a good example. I am not glad that Sabertooth slipped from our grasp once again, but I am happy that all the students are safe and that, with the government's help, we may be on the right track to neutralizing a great threat to both ourselves and the general public.

And speaking of neutralizing a great threat, I would like to convey to all of you who were in Moscow how grateful the Russian government was for our involvement. Everybody contributed greatly to diffusing an incredibly dangerous situation, and it is with great satisfaction that I can note that Saidulleyev is now in custody, where he will be kept, safely, until such time arrives that he answers for all he has done. Despite the fact that I know many of us are jetlagged and sleep deprived, I hope you feel a great sense of accomplishment for what you have done.

As always, Scott and I are welcoming of any questions or comments. Feel free to seek me out in my office if you would like to discuss any of this further.
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