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There has recently been reported a prison riot at a penitentiary in Hazelton, West Virginia - a facility which houses many mutant prisoners. There are also reports of several attempted escapes by prisoners, possibly using the riot as a cover. SHIELD has requested our help in tracking and containing these prisoners while they deal with the riot.

As many volunteers as possible are required for this mission, and a quick response is of utmost importance. Dossiers on all potential escapees are in the Situation Room for anybody who would like to know what we are up against; I would appreciate a prompt reply from any team members who want to help.

Teams will be departing shortly for the prison. Please contact me with any questions or issues as soon as possible.
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I would like to welcome the newest full-fledged member of the team to the boards: Jennie Stavros has accepted her tabs and will be on the roster henceforth as an X-Man. I will leave it to her to announce her codename (though I am sure suggestions would not go amiss). Congratulations again, Jennie.
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The team that was sent to Derbent has now returned, along with Nathan and Haller, safely. Unfortunately they arrived too late to address the situation for which they were called - namely, Saidullayev's escape from his captors, his subsequent destruction of the city, and Magneto's appearance. Yes, Magneto was there, and left with Saidullayev in his custody, which is why it is of utmost importance that everybody reads the mission report that has been uploaded to the server. There will likely be much more discussion of this later, so please be prepared.

Luckily, Gabrielle was able to help Nathan and Jim out of the situation and the team retrieved them with a minimum of fuss. The city suffered badly from Saidullayev's outburst, though it is doubtful the media will reflect the damage as being caused by such. Any questions can be directed towards Scott or myself - Nathan and Haller are currently in the infirmary under observation and are not available for discussion at this time.
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Juggernaut, Phoenix, Polaris, Quicksilver - the four of you need to ready yourselves and come to the hangar as soon as possible. Nathan and Haller have encountered trouble in Derbent and have requested backup. You will be briefed as the Blackbird is being prepped.


Jun. 2nd, 2007 04:31 pm
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We have just received a phone call claiming the van run into New York has been taken hostage. All attempts to reach them have failed, and it appears we must accept that this must be true.

I have alerted all X-Men through their communicators, and we will assess the situation as soon as everyone is able to report in. I have also notified Remy LeBeau and Pete Wisdom at Snow Valley of the situation, since it would appear that Amanda Sefton was amoung those taken.

Scott and I will be meeting as soon as possible to consider our options and devise a response. For now, we are temporarily locking down the school until further notice.
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And we have returned. The mission report is uploaded to the database, but to sum up: we cooperated with the LAPD to apprehend the Kick gang that Skin encountered. The gang members were able to provide some information about their supplier, which, cross-referenced in our files, brings up some interesting correlations with the mutant club we infiltrated last year.

There are no serious injuries to report, and everyone has returned to New York safely, including several of Skin's acquaintances who were given a ride to the city. Any questions will have to wait until morning, as we are all bound for our beds, I am sure.
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To all team:

I need several volunteers for an excursion to Los Angeles; departure will be as early on Thursday as is manageable. Please respond if you are able to accompany me, and I will give you more details then.

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Good afternoon, everyone. Because of the fact that we have had several new additions to the team in the past few months I thought it may be a good idea for us once again to attempt some sort of team-bonding exercise. And as much fun as team boxing was last time, I think we ought to try something new. If only to make sure we are actually still in one piece the next day should we be required to save the world.

Which is why, after much deliberation, I have settled on a weekend retreat at a nearby facility set up for just this purpose. It will be a relaxing weekend; there are hot tubs and other spa-type facilities, I believe, and I have heard very good things about the food there. Attendance is not mandatory, but nor is it something you can blow off - consider it a personal favor to me. I have divided the team up into two groups for safety's purposes. One will stay at the mansion while the other attends the retreat. Reservations have already been made for the weekend of April 28th-29th for the following people:

Myself, Scott, Marie, Haller, Lorna, Terry, Logan, Angelo, Kurt, Pietro, Clarice and Jean.

The remainder of you have a reservation for the following weekend. I will also be attending. I think this is a very good opportunity for us all, and I look forward to seeing you there. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

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And now the real state of things.

Scott did in fact have a powers accident this morning. Both Jean and myself found him in his office after the wall exploded. After a visit to the infirmary it was decided he would be moved off-site for further observation. The reason for this is that we have cause to believe that during our mission taking the Preservers into custody, he was affected by the same mutant who has caused the explosions of the mutant 'bombers'.

What exactly this means is as of yet unsure: Scott is under observation now at a government facility while Jean, Moira, and Hank (among others) try to figure out the best course of action. Nothing has been concluded yet, and I will keep you updated on the state of things.

Also, because of the state of Scott's office, I will need to contact a contractor to begin repairs. I will do that... later.

Please do not spread this information around the school; there is no need to cause the students to panic. Please direct them to me or Charles if they have any questions. Thank you.

Team notice

Mar. 8th, 2007 01:55 pm
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We've come into the possession of information about a Preserver cell in Portgual. The decision has been made to take the cell into custody, and as we are particularly well-suited to handle this situation, we will be departing as soon as possible. Time is of the essence. Rogue, Sunfire, Wolverine, and Phoenix, please suit up and report to the hangar immediately.
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While in Miami, Cannonball went missing... the method of his disappearance is unknown, but teleportation or something like it is presumed to be the cause. Cyclops and Dominion are returning to the mansion until Cannonball is located - any team able to meet in the Situation Room for research and briefing, please come down as soon as possible.
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As most of you have already noted, there was an encounter with Sabertooth at the rally in Westchester on Friday. All signs indicate that he was there in an attempt on Graydon Creed's life -- nothing about his behavior or words leads us to believe his target was the school or anyone from it. As such, we have been cooperating with the Secret Service in their efforts to obtain more information on Sabertooth.

Before our departure for Moscow, Scott and I compiled most of the available information in our files so that we could turn it over to the Secret Service. While our files are extensive, they are not exactly organized or formatted in a way that makes them easily accessible to others. We may have contacted some of you already - if this is the case, thank you for your cooperation. I ask that all of you observe the proper discretion in discussing this matter - though you may have a personal history with Sabertooth, there are still certain lines we must be wary of crossing. Specifically, in working with the government we must be careful not to do anything that may be construed as obstructing their investigation or resulting actions.

As a footnote to all this, you may also recall that several students were at the rally and one in particular, Kyle Gibney, was menaced personally by Sabertooth. He and the other students are unharmed, and it is through Kyle's quick thinking that we were able to respond in time in order to save another man's life. This is a rather chilling reminder of the danger our students may face, even when they do not willingly place themselves in its way, and it is also important that they know how to respond to it in a calm and rational manner. Please keep this in mind at all times and do you best to provide a good example. I am not glad that Sabertooth slipped from our grasp once again, but I am happy that all the students are safe and that, with the government's help, we may be on the right track to neutralizing a great threat to both ourselves and the general public.

And speaking of neutralizing a great threat, I would like to convey to all of you who were in Moscow how grateful the Russian government was for our involvement. Everybody contributed greatly to diffusing an incredibly dangerous situation, and it is with great satisfaction that I can note that Saidulleyev is now in custody, where he will be kept, safely, until such time arrives that he answers for all he has done. Despite the fact that I know many of us are jetlagged and sleep deprived, I hope you feel a great sense of accomplishment for what you have done.

As always, Scott and I are welcoming of any questions or comments. Feel free to seek me out in my office if you would like to discuss any of this further.
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A mandatory training exercise has been added to the calendar for Thursday, December 21st at 8 pm. That is tomorrow, and you should have all received an updated calendar by now. If you have not, please let me know so that I can correct that.

All team is expected to attend, whether or not you are currently on active status. See me if you absolutely cannot make it, but otherwise please plan to meet at 8 pm in the Danger Room tomorrow night.

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You will have noticed by now that the situation in Smichov has erupted into violence and rioting. I will not spend unnecessary time recapping what has happened thus far - there are countless news stories that will give you a more or less straightforward series of events if you need to be caught up.

What I will tell you, however, is that several days ago the Professor contacted Val Cooper to share some information that Nathan relayed to us from within the city. One of the most important parts of this was that he encountered Mystique while at a rally, and tracked her to several other similiar events over the course of an evening. He also spoke to her and was told (and saw previously at the rallies) that she was there in order to encourage non-violent resistence within the mutant community. Though her presence was of course a red flag to us, when the Czech government heard of it they refused the offer to have her removed from the city.

In addition to this, the team's involvement was firmly turned down, and obviously we have not done anything to counteract this request. While the situation is horrible, it would likely be more injurous and risky to go there now and try to force our aid on them. I understand that many of you will have objections to this, and I will have you know both Scott and I understand these feelings. Neither of us are particularly happy either, but we will honor the government's requests on this matter.

While we have not heard from Nathan or the rest of his team yet this morning, please be assured that you will be notified when they do contact us here. I know it is frustrating to sit back and watch as innocents are attacked in the name of misunderstanding and fear, but at the moment, there is little else to do. As always, please see me with any questions or comments, and keep Nathan, Rahne, Angelo, Juliette, and Medusa in your thoughts.


Sep. 14th, 2006 08:47 pm
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To all team members with Danger Room access:

The Danger Room is a training tool. It is not a ruler to measure how big your manhood (or imaginary manhood) is. Do not make me put the Thwomp scenario on repeat.

P.S. - You break it, you buy it.
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I would like to speak with you three, preferably all at the same time, about something that was brought to our attention several days ago. I will explain more once we meet, but it would require some participation from you - on a volunteer basis only, of course.

I will be in my office when you are all available.

Good luck

Jul. 18th, 2006 10:57 am
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As those of you who were at the meeting last night know, several teams will be departing in the next few hours to look for Scott. Thanks to Betsy we have a list of likely places to begin looking, and if those do not prove fruitful we are in the process of putting together more sites.

For those of you who are leaving today, good luck, and please remain safe. Cable will be manning the coms this evening, and I will be checking in with each team regularly. I will be making an announcement to the school shortly - if any students need to talk you are welcome to send them to speak with me.
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I have spoken with Alex now that he has been checked over by the medteam - he is shaken, but unharmed. As Lorna said earlier, he knows very little about the men who kidnapped him or their purpose. However, I have been unable to reach Scott since Alex arrived, and this coincidence seems too unlikely not to warrant further investigation.

Scott left earlier today for town, intending to purchase a new TV for the rec room. I will be leaving soon to look around his last known location, and if one or two volunteers would like to accompany me, it would be appreciated.

There is no need to panic or start any unfounded rumors; it would be best to handle this methodically and professionally. There is no telling what has happened, or if there is indeed any need for alarm, so please remain calm and stay alert. I will keep you all updated as soon as any new developments arise.


Upon searching the area where Scott was last seen in town, we were able to locate his com and cell phone in a garbage can near the electronics store. With some persuasion we were able to also able to pull the security tapes from the area.

On them we found Scott departing the area with Lyman, a man we believe to be a former associate of Colonel William Stryker. Scott did not seem injured, but nor did he seem to be leaving entirely of his own volition.

It seems quite likely that Scott is now in the possession of the same men who kidnapped Alex earlier. We do not know what they want or where they are, but we are going to find out. There will be a team meeting tonight to discuss what we know and where to go from there. Until then, please keep this quiet. I will inform the rest of the school after a proper plan is formed.
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A new Danger Room scenario based on yesterday's successful mission has been programmed and entered into the files. I would be interested to hear of people's solutions and reactions - though the trainees handled it exceptionally well. Mission reports are also starting to be posted as well for your perusal.
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But has anyone seen Scott recently? I spoke with him this morning, but have not seen or heard from him since then. I have checked the garage and his bike is not there...

I am probably worrying for no reason. Please feel free to remind me he had a meeting in the city today and quietly shake your head at me.


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