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And now the real state of things.

Scott did in fact have a powers accident this morning. Both Jean and myself found him in his office after the wall exploded. After a visit to the infirmary it was decided he would be moved off-site for further observation. The reason for this is that we have cause to believe that during our mission taking the Preservers into custody, he was affected by the same mutant who has caused the explosions of the mutant 'bombers'.

What exactly this means is as of yet unsure: Scott is under observation now at a government facility while Jean, Moira, and Hank (among others) try to figure out the best course of action. Nothing has been concluded yet, and I will keep you updated on the state of things.

Also, because of the state of Scott's office, I will need to contact a contractor to begin repairs. I will do that... later.

Please do not spread this information around the school; there is no need to cause the students to panic. Please direct them to me or Charles if they have any questions. Thank you.
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