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You will have noticed by now that the situation in Smichov has erupted into violence and rioting. I will not spend unnecessary time recapping what has happened thus far - there are countless news stories that will give you a more or less straightforward series of events if you need to be caught up.

What I will tell you, however, is that several days ago the Professor contacted Val Cooper to share some information that Nathan relayed to us from within the city. One of the most important parts of this was that he encountered Mystique while at a rally, and tracked her to several other similiar events over the course of an evening. He also spoke to her and was told (and saw previously at the rallies) that she was there in order to encourage non-violent resistence within the mutant community. Though her presence was of course a red flag to us, when the Czech government heard of it they refused the offer to have her removed from the city.

In addition to this, the team's involvement was firmly turned down, and obviously we have not done anything to counteract this request. While the situation is horrible, it would likely be more injurous and risky to go there now and try to force our aid on them. I understand that many of you will have objections to this, and I will have you know both Scott and I understand these feelings. Neither of us are particularly happy either, but we will honor the government's requests on this matter.

While we have not heard from Nathan or the rest of his team yet this morning, please be assured that you will be notified when they do contact us here. I know it is frustrating to sit back and watch as innocents are attacked in the name of misunderstanding and fear, but at the moment, there is little else to do. As always, please see me with any questions or comments, and keep Nathan, Rahne, Angelo, Juliette, and Medusa in your thoughts.


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