Mar. 4th, 2007

All right.

Mar. 4th, 2007 03:17 pm
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Garrison's called, and I gather the FBI's ready to move on this office in Miami after all. We've been asked if we'd serve as backup, in case they encounter any mutants at this Mojo Enterprises. Sam, get the Blackbird prepped - Garrison's on his way back, and the three of us will be leaving immediately. I gather we can expect a proper briefing in Miami.
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While in Miami, Cannonball went missing... the method of his disappearance is unknown, but teleportation or something like it is presumed to be the cause. Cyclops and Dominion are returning to the mansion until Cannonball is located - any team able to meet in the Situation Room for research and briefing, please come down as soon as possible.
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Follow-up on Cannonball's whereabouts:

Found this during a background check on this Mojo Enterprises group -

The feed went live twenty minutes ago. I'm pulling every single trick I know to try and trace it, but it's going to take some time. I'll be routing most of the mainframe's power and if someone could bring me a box of Pop-Tarts and a case of Red Bull, I'll do my best to find where this is originating from.

UPDATE: Well, they're still transmitting, which is a good sign. I am getting absolutely nowhere on a direct trace, so I'm running continual brute-force tactics on it. Going over what footage they've sent - these guys are good. No long shots of the scenery and especially none of the sky. I can't get anything of the horizon to try and judge location by star positions. And because we don't know if they're actually sending this out live or time-delayed, the apparent sunset time tells us nothing.


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